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2014 Annual Review

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  • *This annual review was modified as stated in the correction notice on September 18, 2014.

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Cover, Brand Slogan, Contents (PDF/433KB)PDF
Message from the Management
  • President & Group CEO, Member of the Board of Directors of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
  • President & CEO of Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
  • President & CEO of Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
  • President & CEO of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Mizuho's Group Companies (PDF/45KB)PDF
Office Network (PDF/114KB)PDF
Summary of Financial Results for Fiscal 2013 (PDF/61KB)PDF
Progress of the First Year of the Medium-term Business Plan "One MIZUHO New Frontier Plan—Stepping Up to the Next Challenge—" (PDF/47KB)PDF
Enhancement of Corporate Governance (PDF/59KB)PDF
Business Approaches (PDF/132KB)PDF
Initiatives to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake (PDF/29KB)PDF
CSR Initiatives (PDF/56KB)PDF
Corporate Governance, Profit Management System, Human Resources System (PDF/96KB)PDF
Internal Control Systems (PDF/180KB)PDF
Senior Executives
Location of Overseas Offices
Investor Information
Disclosure Policy, Privacy Policy Regarding Customer Information
Financial Analysis [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/109KB)PDF
Financial Data of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/786KB)PDF
Non–Consolidated Financial Statements of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. and Three Subsidiaries [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/602KB)PDF
Status of Capital Adequacy (PDF/611KB)PDF
Websites, Back Cover (PDF/408KB)PDF

Branches (Japan)

Branches (International)

A Message from the President & Group CEO

Mizuho's Strengths

Latest Materials

Accounts–related News Release

Shareholders' Meeting

Corporate Information

Group Companies

Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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