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CSR Report 2013

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We have included "CSR Report 2013 (Highlights)" and the information on our website in PDF format.

CSR Report 2013 (Highlights)

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The CSR Report can be downloaded at once.


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Only the required portion can be downloaded checking the contents of the CSR report.

Cover, Editorial, Company Overview, Contents
A Message from the Group CEO
Our Approach to CSR and its Promotion
Special Feature on Efforts to Facilitate Financing
Special Feature on Customer Relations
Special Feature on Initiatives to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Special Feature on Actions across the Group toward Growth Areas
Special Feature on Social and Environmental Considerations in Our Business Activities
Special Feature on Corporate Governance
Special Feature on Employee Relations
Special Feature on Support for Financial Education and Social Contribution Activities
Back Cover

Website "Corporate Social Responsibility"

In this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) section of our website, we have classified our CSR initiatives into eight areas, and introduced detailed content, various types of data, and other information in a systematic and comprehensive form.*1

To enhance the searchability and convenience of the information on our website, we have included sections on various CSR activity areas in PDF format, as shown below. Please make use of this information together with our CSR Report 2013 (Highlights).*2

  • Notes:
  • *1:In principle, the website reports cover fiscal 2012 (April 1, 2012, to March 31, 2013), and subsequent information is updated for the convenience of the readers. (A portion of information for fiscal 2011 and previous years is also presented on this website.)
  • *2:PDFs were prepared based on information available as of August 31, 2013. Please note that certain activities and other matters prior to fiscal 2011 have been excluded from the website.
Items covered Main contents  
Mizuho's CSR
  • CSR Management
    (Basic Stance toward CSR Initiatives, CSR Promotion Structure, Participation in Initiatives, etc)
  • Reputation
  • CS (Customer Satisfaction) Improvement Initiatives
  • Management of Customer Protection Structure
  • Initiatives to Become "Barrier–Free"
Business Activities
  • Initiatives for Responsible Investment and Financing
  • Initiatives for Resolving Social Problems
    (Supporting the Recovery from the Disaster, Initiatives for Less Children and Aging Society and Medical Care Field and Agriculture, etc)

Environment 1:
Environmental Business Initiatives

  • Finance
    (Environmental Conscious Financing Products, Project Finance for Environment–related Projects, etc)
  • Consulting Services, Surveys and Research
    (Environmental Management, Emissions Trading, Energy and Resources, etc)
  • Product Development and Sales
    (Environment–Related Funds, Environmental Business Matching)
  • Initiatives for Framework
    (Environmental City Project, etc)

Environment 2:
Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Burden and
Improving Environmental Consciousness

  • Initiatives for Saving Resources and Energy
  • Data of Environmental Burdens
  • Initiatives for Carbon Accounting
  • Environmental Enlightenment for Employees

Environment 3:
Initiatives for the Equator Principles and

  • Summary of the Equator Principles and Mizuho's Implementation Structure and Results
  • Mizuho and Biodiversity
Financial Education
  • Activities in Elementary and Secondary Education
    (Joint Research Project with Tokyo Gakugei University, Student's Work Experience, etc)
  • Activities in Higher Education
    (Donated Lectures and Courses for Universities)
  • Overseas Activities
Social Contributions
  • Examples of Activities in Japan and Overseas
  • Human Resources Strategy and Training for Employees
  • Initiatives for Diversity
  • Work–Life Balance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Mizuho's Stakeholder
  • Relationship with Shareholders and Investors
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Branches (Japan)

Branches (International)

Integrated Report

CSR Management

Fostering Industries with the Aim of Generating Business Opportunities

Corporate Information

Group Companies

Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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