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Efforts Made during Financial Product Marketing Activities

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Strengthening Measures to Respond to Our Broader Investor Base and the Advent of Increasingly Diverse Financial Products

Amid the protracted low–interest–rate era, customers seeking fund management methods that offer higher yields are showing growing interest in such investments as investment trusts, stocks, and bonds, and the range of investors is becoming broader. Moreover, the types and characteristics of financial products have become increasingly diverse in recent years, and banks have begun offering products more complex than ordinary savings and time deposit accounts at their teller counters. As a consequence of these trends, banks are now positioned to meet customers' diverse fund management requirements, but another aspect of this situation is that many customers are confused about how to choose financial products.

In view of this situation, MHBK has been endeavoring to upgrade its employees' skills with respect to consulting–style marketing activities, and we believe that our efforts have effectively helped customers identify and utilize the fund management methods that are the most appropriate for them personally.

Proposing Fund Management Methods that Correspond to Customers' Needs and Desires

Before MHBK proposes financial products to customers, it questions customers about their investment objectives, investment experience, asset situation, life stage, and other relevant factors. Based on that information, we consider a diverse array of products and do our utmost to select and propose the fund management methods that best correspond to individual customers' needs and risk tolerances.

Photo:Proposing Fund Management Methods that Correspond to Customers' Needs and Desires

Striving to Provide Easy–to–Understand Product Explanations

When providing explanations of specific products, we give a priority to explaining product mechanisms and characteristics in an easy–to–understand manner as a means of helping customers make the optimal choices. To this end, we have prepared and employ various kinds of reference materials that include summary lists of key points to be explained. In addition, our financial consultants (FCs) are equipped with iPad*multifunctional information terminals, which they use to show customers charts and other graphic materials that help them understand the mechanisms and characteristics of financial products. The visual reference materials effectively help deepen customers' understanding of financial products, and the iPads are also useful tools for various other purposes, such as quickly providing customers with the latest market information and any additional information they would like to consider.
After products have been sold, FCs visit or telephone customers periodically—or in the case of such special circumstances as fluctuations in related markets that exceed a specified magnitude—to offer additional explanations about changes in the management and other aspects of the financial products they have purchased. We strongly emphasize the provision of this kind of after–sales follow–up service.

Photo:Using iPads to Explain Financial Products

Using iPads to Explain Financial Products

Photo:A screenshot of iPad

A screenshot of iPad

  • *iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., which is registered in the United States and other countries.

Employment of FC Instructors to Promote the Upgrading of FCs' Skills

To continuously improve our employees' skills for these kinds of consulting–style marketing activities, it is crucial to systematically work to upgrade each FC's product– and market–related knowledgeability, explanation skills, and communication skills. In view of this, MHBK periodically implements group training programs within branches, organizes product study meetings with respect to newly launched products, and also provides other kinds of training needed to upgrade FC skills.

In addition, all branches throughout Japan are periodically visited by one of approximately 30 FC instructors who have accumulated considerable experience in the FC field and have the role of supporting efforts at each branch to foster the development of their FCs' skills. Specifically, the FC instructors organize role–playing study meetings, sit in on FC's discussions with customers, and provide practical guidance aimed at ensuring that all FCs can steadily improve their capabilities.

Going forward, MHBK will maintain its commitment to sustaining progress regarding the preparation of tools for easy–to–understand product explanations and the fostering of personnel with high levels of skills. In this way, we intend to further strengthen our consulting–style marketing capabilities so that we are positioned to provide customers with optimal products.

Employee Voices

Photo: Asuka Kawasaki Manager, Investment Product Sales Promotion Team, Consulting Business Development Division, Mizuho Bank

Asuka Kawasaki
Manager, Investment Product Sales Promotion Team,
Consulting Business Development Division, Mizuho Bank

Since joining MHBK and becoming an FC, I have received diverse kinds of training that has equipped me with the knowledge and know–how needed to respond to customers' diverse fund management needs. After gaining considerable work experience and striving to upgrade my own consulting–style marketing skills, I became an FC instructor, and I am now seeking to provide useful information and guidance to FCs. The mission of FC instructors is to put their accumulated experience and knowledge to use by providing FCs with practical guidance that enables them to do their jobs more effectively. We do our best to understand customers' situations and perspectives, and I think we are training the kind of FCs who will consistently earn customers' gratitude. To carry out my mission as effectively as possible, I plan to relentlessly continue my studies of subjects related to my FC instructor position going forward.

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