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Special Feature on Initiatives to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake (CSR Highlight 2012)

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Emphasizing Industrial and Regional Reconstruction Support with a Focus on "Employment Creation" and "Housing Reconstruction"

Based on its recognition of its essential responsibilities and missions as a financial institution, Mizuho is concertedly marshaling its resources to help restore the lifestyles, industries, and economy of the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, focusing its efforts primarily on areas that were directly impacted by the disaster.

Having established the Tohoku Reconstruction Desk at its headquarters, Mizuho proactively engages in information exchange and liaison activities with companies, financial institutions, and local government units in disaster–stricken areas as well as related central government units so that it can maintain an accurate and timely grasp of needs and explore the most effective ways that Mizuho can make contributions to reconstruction and recovery.

Currently, two years after the earthquake disaster, a considerable amount of efforts has been made to realize reconstruction and recovery, but the impacted regions still face numerous challenges, and two major themes of the challenges are "employment creation" and "housing reconstruction." To provide the employment that will enable people in impacted regions to earn their livings, Mizuho is supporting the business revitalization of impacted companies, and it also considers the fostering of new business creation and industrial development to be important means of increasing job opportunities. Moreover, there is a need to acquire and prepare a considerable amount of land as a means of providing the many people still living in temporary housing with new dwellings.

In view of these situations, Mizuho is making the most of its broad range of capabilities—including those for industrial studies, public–private partnership financing schemes, and other diverse financing methods, trust banking functions, and consulting—to provide support for industrial and regional revitalization with emphasis on "employment creation" and "housing reconstruction." The Group is also engaged in various kinds of social contribution activities aimed at helping promote the recovery of disaster–stricken areas.

Industrial Development Support Designed to Provide Employment

These are two examples of how Mizuho has been supporting corporate business revitalization and new business creation efforts in disaster–stricken areas as a means of facilitating industrial development and employment creation.

Measures Designed to Facilitate Housing Reconstruction

These are some examples of how Mizuho has been supporting regional revitalization programs designed to construct public housing facilities.

Social Contribution Activities in the Disaster–stricken Areas

These are some examples of the social contribution activities Mizuho has been organizing as means of promoting regional revitalization.

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