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Our Approach to CSR and its Promotion

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In February 2013, we formulated the Mizuho's Corporate Identity, which serves as the concept that forms the basis of all activities conducted by Mizuho. We also updated our definition of CSR activities and our approach to these activities to reflect the new Mizuho's Corporate Identity and changes in external business conditions. At the same time, we have put in place a CSR promotion structure while identifying two additional points of initiative focus for strengthening CSR activities through our core business activities.

Basic Approach toward CSR Initiatives

Mizuho recognizes the importance of outlining its stance toward CSR initiatives with respect to its stakeholders. At the same time, it acknowledges the critical need for employees to pursue initiatives that reflect considerable sensitivity toward CSR in the conduct of their duties. Guided by the Mizuho Vision in the Mizuho's Corporate Identity, Mizuho updated its definition and stance regarding its "Basic Policy on CSR Initiatives" taking into consideration the ISO 26000 and related standards.

  • Definition
    CSR initiatives entail the practice of corporate activities that reflect an unwavering awareness toward the importance of Mizuho's social responsibilities and public mission as a global financial group, take into consideration the expectations of stakeholders, and thoroughly fulfill its responsibilities toward society, which provides the basis for its existence.
  • Basic stance
    Recognizing that CSR initiatives help contribute to the sustainable development of society and provide the platform for creating and advancing corporate value, Mizuho has positioned CSR initiatives as a pillar of its corporate conduct.

Guided by this basic stance, the Group as a whole is promoting CSR initiatives in a consistent manner.

Identifying Points of Initiative Focus

Awareness of the responsibilities of corporations to society in their core business activities has continued to increase in recent years. This awareness is evident across a wide range of areas, including interest in ISO 26000, the international standard for social responsibility, and the concept of "creating shared value (CSV)," as well as the growing emphasis placed on companies to contribute further toward the sustainable development of society through their mainstay activities. Mizuho identified points of initiative focus that take into consideration the expectations of stakeholders and changes in external conditions in order to better contribute to the sustainable development of society through its mainstay activities.

In order to better grasp stakeholders' expectations, we also conducted surveys and hearings with prominent individuals to ascertain their opinions. The feedback received highlighted a number of requirements across a wide range of fields. These requirements included support that takes full advantage of the comprehensive and total coordination capabilities that only a megabank can provide, efforts to take the lead from a finance perspective to foster industry over the long term, a clear message of the Group's focus on demand and its customers amid diminishing trust in the finance sector following such incidents as the sub–prime loan crisis, and the pledge to address the myriad of global issues through mainstay business activities.

In light of stakeholders' expectations and changes in business conditions, Mizuho has recently identified two additional points of CSR initiative focus. Moving forward, we will place the utmost emphasis on finance to support the real economy and meet new expectations.

In pushing forward the business strategies that are derived from the Medium–term Business Plan announced in February 2013, these two additional points of initiative focus reflect our emphasis on CSR. By engaging in our core business activities from the point of view of these two perspectives, Mizuho is committed to contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Points of Initiative Focus
Image: Points of Initiative Focus


Initiative Focus Initiative Details Specific Mizuho Initiatives
(1) Finance to support the real economy In addition to fulfilling our role as a key component of the infrastructure that supports the economy and society, we will contribute to the development of the real economies of the world, Asia and Japan by utilizing our specialized expertise, network, and wide–ranging financial services capabilities to foster industry from a medium– to long–term perspective.
(2) Finance to meet new expectations We will promote business and address the new needs of stakeholders that arise from changes in society. This includes expectations toward increased convenience as well as the impact of business activities on the environment and society.

Working in unison, Mizuho will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of society. Harnessing its expertise and know–how while taking into consideration the expectations of stakeholders, we will work to become a financial institution that supports the real economy and meets new expectations.

The CSR Report 2013 contains details of specific initiatives from each of the aforementioned two points of focus.

Putting in Place a CSR Promotion Structure

CSR committees (business policy committees) have been newly established in MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC, the core companies of the Group, in order to promote CSR initiatives that reflect the business strategies of each company. In this manner, we are endeavoring to strengthen our CSR promotion structure.

CSR Promotion Structure
Image: CSR Promotion Structure

Guided by this new structure, and based on the Group's annual CSR initiatives policy deliberated by the CSR Committee of the Mizuho Financial Group, the key group companies formulate CSR initiatives policies that take into consideration individual business strategies, promote initiatives, and monitor progress. In addition, the CSR committees at MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC deliberate on specific details. From a MHFG perspective, the CSR Committee reviews and deliberates on overall summaries of the policies, promotion, and progress of each group company. The CSR Committee therefore oversees and promotes CSR initiatives for the Group as a whole.

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