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Example of Use of a Solar Power Generation Project to Support Resolution of Issues Facing Management

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Helping Overcome a Customer's Management Challenges by Providing Support for Solar Power Introduction

Proposal for Solar Power Business Utilizing a Portion of Plant Grounds

Since its founding in 1885, Nippon Crucible Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company), has provided industrial furnaces and refractory products used for heating and melting metals. The Company recently began considering various ways of making use of an underutilized portion of one of its plants–the Toyota Plant.

Having engaged in transactions with the Company for many years and worked to help the Company overcome its management challenges, MHBK noted that the government was proceeding with deliberations regarding a fixed feed–in tariff system for renewable energy with the goal of introducing such a system in fiscal 2012. Making use of the know–how of its Industry Research Division, which had already been studying this kind of system for some time, MHBK presented the Company with an explanation of the system and a proposal for the establishment of a solar power business (hereinafter, the Business) utilizing a portion of the grounds of one of the Company's plants.

The Company had been considering methods for making use of underutilized portions its plants and, during the time period before the proposal was presented, it had also noted the potential benefits of solar power generation operations. The Company had begun full–scale discussions about undertaking such business, which can be expected to provide stable income over a 20–year period while contributing to the success of government policies aimed at promoting environment–friendly energy sources.

Making Use of Specialist Knowledge to Provide Detailed Support

From a time before the determination of the renewable energy feed–in tariff level, MHBK had conducted detailed income/expenditure simulations based on assumed tariff levels, and MHBK also provided the Company with timely information on the progress of government deliberations regarding the tariff level and other information the Company required to move ahead with its consideration of the Business.

After the Company decided to move in the direction of the commercialization of the Business, MHBK provided detailed support with respect to financing proposals as well as introductions to contractors and the supply of diverse materials needed for presenting business–related explanations to people within and outside the Company.

As a result, in June 2012, the Company formally decided to undertake the business by utilizing a portion of the grounds of its Toyota Plant. A total of JPY 659 million was invested to fund the construction over roughly a half year of a solar power generation facility named Nippon Crucible Toyota Solar Park. This facility, which began generating power on March 1, 2013, is expected to generate approximately 2,200,000 kWh of power and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 750 tons each year.

By drawing on the experience and practical know–how it has gained during the course of this and other projects, Mizuho plans to continue proactively promoting renewable energy projects and supporting their implementation going forward.

Photo:Nippon Crucible Toyota Solar Park

Nippon Crucible Toyota Solar Park

Customer Voices

Photo:Mr. Masashi Okubo Representative Director Nippon Crucible Co., Ltd.

Mr. Masashi Okubo
Representative Director
Nippon Crucible Co., Ltd.

Proactively engaged in the environmental protection and energy conservation field, our company is developing products and applications unrelated to the steel and automobile manufacturing industries, such as refractory products for applications related to nuclear power and solar power.

Our new solar power business is making good use of a previously underutilized portion of our Toyota Plant's grounds, and we expect the fixed feed–in tariff system will enable our solar power business to generate stable income over the next 20 years.

Mizuho took the initiative in providing us with support for solving all kinds of management problems associated with the business, from the business commercialization concept planning stage through the provision of funding stage. We will continue to anticipate great things from Mizuho, our main bank, going forward.

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