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Special Feature on Actions across the Group Toward Growth Areas

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In December 2012, the Japanese government drew up a policy mix of "three arrows" to revive the economy, comprising an aggressive financial policy, a flexible fiscal policy, and a growth strategy that encourages private–sector investment. Of these three strategies, the newly established Industrial Competitiveness Council has been discussing the development of specific practical approaches to encouraging private–sector investment, to generate sustainable growth in the Japanese economy.

Drawing on its industrial knowledge and know–how and its broad–based customer network, Mizuho offers multifaceted support for growth industries and enterprises not only by providing financing but also through services from across the entire group, such as help with fund procurement, through equity fund–based investment, and management consulting.

Between fiscal 2012 and the first half of fiscal 2013, Mizuho set up four equity funds and strengthened such support through provision of funding to serve as capital for growth industries and corporations. Moreover, in April 2013, MHBK launched an internal Next–generation Industrial Development PT, with the aim of promoting medium– to long–term initiatives to foster new industries.

In the medium–term business plan announced in February 2013, proactively strengthening the risk–taking functions for growth industries and enterprises was likewise designated a basic strategy. Under it, the following specific business strategies are proposed: providing highly sophisticated incubation function (proactively using equity investments and funds, etc.) Group–wide, taking action across the Group Special Feature on Actions across the Group Toward Growth Areas such as agriculture, medical, senior and infrastructure industries, and contributing to the regional communities through proactive response to regional recovery and industrial development.

As a provider of financial services, Mizuho will continue contributing to the national and global economy and community by stepping up its initiatives Special Feature on Actions across the Group Toward Growth Areas.

Overview of Initiatives to Support Growth of Renewable Energy

Here we discuss overall initiatives being undertaken by Mizuho to promote the adoption of renewable energy.

Example of Use of a Solar Power Generation Project to Support Resolution of Issues Facing Management

Here Mizuho introduces cases in which it has provided support for the resolution of issues facing management at customer companies, through solar power generation proposals and other initiatives.

Example of Support for Megasolar Project through Project Finance

Here we explain how project finance and equity funding for megasolar projects work.

Initiatives for Medical Care Field

Mizuho here discusses examples of support offered for the resolution of issues facing management of medical care institutions.

Initiatives for Agriculture

Here we discuss initiatives by Mizuho to promote the "Sixth Industry" initiative in the agricultural sector.

Initiatives for the Asian Region

Here we discuss formation of funds designed to foster Asian bond markets and investment in local enterprises in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) area.

Overview of equity funds in which Mizuho is involved (fiscal 2012 and the first half of fiscal 2013)

Fund(s) for the "Sixth Industry" initiative in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sectors
Date of formation April 2013
Scale of fund JPY 10 billion
Management companies Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.; other sub–funds decided on a case–by–case basis
Investors Mizuho Bank, Ltd./Mizuho Capital/Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Fund Corporation for Innovation, Value–chain and Expansion Japan/regional financial institutions, etc.
Fund characteristics Support for practitioners in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (primary–sector employees) engaged in "Sixth Industry" initiatives for agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, and for participating secondary and tertiary sector businesses
Mizuho Mega–Solar Fund TK
Date of formation November 2012 (establishment of management companies)
Scale of fund Approx. JPY 5 billion
Management company Mizuho Mega Solar Fund Co., Ltd.
Investors Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and others
Fund characteristics Support for businesses engaged in solar power generation business within Japan
Mizuho Growth Support Investment Limited Partnership (Mizuho growth support fund)
Date of formation January 2013
Scale of fund JPY 10 billion
Management company Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.
Investors Mizuho Bank, Ltd./Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.
Fund characteristics Meets corporate fund procurement needs at differing company growth stages, by making available the full spectrum of funding options from venture capital investment onwards, targeting companies in particularly promising business fields
Mizuho ASEAN Investment L.P. (Mizuho ASEAN PE Fund)
Date of formation March 2013
Scale of fund Up to USD 200 million
Management company Mizuho Asia Partners Pte. Ltd.
Investors Mizuho Bank, Ltd./Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Fund characteristics Invests in local firms which have good potential in collaborating with Japanese companies (including joint ventures involving a Japanese company), to help Japanese companies set up operations in the ASEAN region, etc.

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