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Initiatives for the Asian Region

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Leveraging the Experience and Expertise Acquired in Japan to Participate in the Development of Asia

Asia continues to exhibit economic growth surpassing that of the developed economies. At the same time, the region has substantial capital needs for robust levels of private capital investment and the development of social infrastructure. It is noted that not only large Japanese companies but small– to medium–sized Japanese companies as well are steadily expanding in the area, which is seen not only as a production base, but also a consumer market.

Mizuho views Asia as a key strategic region and through the leveraging of its knowledge of the region and the expertise gained as a financial services group, it continues to actively foster operational alliances with local financial institutions and government offices. At the same time, we are contributing to the economic and social development of Asia by supporting the growth of local businesses and Japanese firms establishing a presence in the region, and the development of the financial and capital markets in Asia.

Asian Bond Market Development Conference

The heads of a group of Asian financial institutions gathered on October 13, 2012 in Tokyo to discuss Asian bond markets. At the meeting, financial institutions discussed the need to develop bond markets within the Asian region as an important part of the infrastructure to support the ongoing economic development in Asian nations and other issues including the role that each financial institution needs to play in that development. An agreement for mutual cooperation was reached to promote the development of Asian bond markets. Mizuho will continue to cooperate with the participating financial institutions to contribute to economic development in the Asian region.

<Financial institutions Attending the Meeting>
Bangkok Bank, DBS Group Holdings / DBS Bank, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, KDB Financial Group / Korea Development Bank, Mizuho Financial Group, Bank Negara Indonesia, Shinhan Financial Group, State Bank of India, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Maybank

Photo: Participants of the Asian Bond Market Development Conference

Participants of the Asian Bond Market Development Conference

Establishing the Mizuho ASEAN PE Fund

Member states in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are expected to show strong economic growth going forward, surpassed only by China and India. Measures such as the expansion of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) are expected to contribute to the further integration of ASEAN member states and non–member states, giving the region the potential to become a major economic zone.

MHBK established the Mizuho ASEAN PE Fund (hereinafter "the fund") in March 2013 as a private equity fund to invest in local businesses, including joint ventures involving Japanese firms, in the ASEAN region. Together with the establishment of the fund, the company launched Mizuho Asia Partners Pte., Ltd (hereinafter, "MAP"), a wholly owned subsidiary, as a fund management company.

The primary objective of the fund is to assist the expansion of Japanese firms, particularly small– and medium–sized enterprises, into the ASEAN region by investing in local companies. Specifically, the fund aims to partner with Japanese firms to invest jointly in companies located in the ASEAN region thereby assisting the management of the invested companies. With the aim of promoting the creation of alliances between Japanese and local firms, the fund will also seek out and invest in local companies that have the potential to be good investment opportunities for Japanese firms.

The fund was established with the target amount of USD 200 million. In addition to MHBK committing the maximum of USD 125 million to the fund, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation has committed the maximum of USD 25 million, having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MHBK to support the development of overseas operations of Japanese firms in cooperation with the fund.

MHBK and MAP continue to support the growth of Asian companies, as well as small– and medium–sized Japanese firms, through use of the fund, as well as by leveraging the Group's wide–ranging network of partners (including local financial institutions), and the knowledge of the region gained to date.

Schematic Representation of the Fund
Image: Schematic Representation of the Fund

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