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Special Feature on Efforts to Facilitate Financing

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Sustained Support for Customers' Business Expansion, Management Reform, and Business Revitalization Efforts

Sustained Efforts in Accordance with Our "Basic Policy Regarding the Facilitation of Financing"

In accordance with Mizuho's fundamental approach of "active fulfillment of its financial intermediary function, under an appropriate risk management structure, Mizuho contributes to the sound development of its customers' businesses and the enhancement of their private lives and the economy." Mizuho has long been striving to proactively provide financial intermediary functions.

While the "Act Concerning Temporary Measures to Facilitate Financing for SMEs, etc." (hereinafter, "SME Finance Facilitation Act") expired as of March 31, 2013, Mizuho's approach to facilitating financing will remain unchanged going forward. Mizuho's business offices and head office will continue concertedly striving to strengthen their follow–up measures after consultations and applications regarding financing, the adjustment of loan conditions and other items and to proactively offer consulting services regarding management challenges aimed at providing problem resolution proposals, thereby fulfilling its responsibilities as a financial institution to provide sustained support for customers' business expansion, management reform, business revitalization, and other efforts based on a good understanding of customers' perspectives.

Statistics on Mizuho's receipts of and responses to customers' loan modification requests in accordance with the SME Finance Facilitation Act are shown below.

Implementation of measures* in accordance with Article 4 and Article 5 of the SME Finance Facilitation Act (December 2009 through March 2013) (Cases)
  Cases in which borrowers are SMEs Cases in which borrowers are housing loan recipients
Number of loans for which an application was received for modification of conditions 117,293 16,775
Of which, number of loans for which modification of conditions was implemented 108,120 14,483
Of which, number of loans for which modification of conditions was refused 4,591 1,154
Of which, number of loans for which modification of conditions is under review 2,843 340
Of which, number of loans for which application for modification of conditions was withdrawn 1,739 798

Provision of Support Finely Adjusted in Line with Customer Life Cycles

Responsiveness to Increasingly Diverse Needs

Besides fund procurement, customer needs with respect to banks are increasingly diverse and include needs related to support for the expansion of domestic and overseas marketing routes, support for IPOs, support for business succession, etc.

Corporate life cycle (evolution stages)
Image:Corporate life cycle (evolution stages)

To respond to the needs of these customers, Mizuho provides proposals of optimal solutions with respect to each customer's life–cycle stage and other special characteristics. Our business offices and head office work concertedly regarding both management consultation and management support measures.

Posture regarding management support for SME customers
Image:Posture regarding management support for SME customers

The specialized section to support the business revitalization within Mizuho's Credit Group works intensively to provide support for SME customers' management improvement and business revitalization while the Bank's Corporate Finance Support Department and Financial Facilitation Promotion Department provide consultation and guidance to branches with respect to collaboration with external organizations, external specialists, and other financial institutions.

Mizuho's solutions support units' capabilities for financing solutions and the specialized functions of Group companies are utilized to provide support for the efforts of branches and to otherwise supplement capabilities for providing SME customers with management support.

Mizuho has also prepared diverse tools for moving ahead with management consulting activities carefully tailored to each customer's special situation. Depending on a given customers' situation and needs, measures can be taken to provide financial diagnosis reports, various kinds of website–based information resources, and diverse other kinds of resources.

For example, the Mizuho Business Mall website offers customers personnel/labor consulting services, information on legal reforms, and industry–specific information, economic information related to interest rates, forex rates, and diverse other subjects. In addition, when necessary, customers can use the Mizuho Business Mall to make on–line requests for materials and submissions of inquiries. Working via the Mizuho Business Mall, we strive to quickly respond to customer requests.

Photo: Tools for management consultations and other objectives

Tools for management consultations and other objectives

Image: A page from the Mizuho Business Mall website

A page from the Mizuho Business Mall website

MHBK provides customers with support on a daily basis using the research functions, information provision functions, and general management–related consulting functions of MHRI and has continuously since fiscal 2010 enabled SME clients to participate in the Mizuho Business Consulting Seminars , which address management challenges and other issues. In fiscal 2012, approximately 160 companies participated in four sessions of the Business Consulting Seminars.

Photo:A Class in the Business Consulting Seminars

A Class in the Business Consulting Seminars

In February 2013, MHBK partnered with the Tokyo Small and Medium–Sized Enterprise Management Consultant Association (T–SMECA) to organize a new program in which the SME business consultants who are members of T–SMECA provide support to help Mizuho customers draft management reform plans.

Going forward, Mizuho will continue moving ahead with its proactive measures aimed at facilitating financing while concurrently taking steps to additionally augment its array of products and services so that it can further increase the sophistication of its diverse solutions functions.

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