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Allocating and Developing Human Resources on Group–wide Basis

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Eliciting Group Synergies

As the only Japan–based banking group with a full array of banking, trust banking, and securities operations, Mizuho is aiming to further strengthen collaboration among Group units as a means of providing a wide range of seamless financial services to its customers in a direct and timely manner. To this end, besides flexibly transferring employees among the Group banking, trust banking, and securities units (arranging transfers accompanied by changes in corporate affiliations), we are seeking to employ trainee postings, secondments, and other methods to foster the Group–wide and global development of "distinctively Mizuho" human resources while also flexibly employing strategic human resource management methods designed to support diverse Group business strategies.

Integrated Utilization and Development of Global Human Resources in Japan and Overseas

Mizuho's medium–term business plan includes the vision of being "the most trusted financial services group with a global presence and a broad customer base, contributing to the prosperity of the world, Japan, and the rest of Asia." To realize this vision, we believe that each Group employee working in Japan or overseas must adopt a broad, global perspective.

Based on this idea, Mizuho has established a Global Career Management Department within its Group Human Resources Division and is seeking to strengthen its global human resource functions and systems in an integrated manner in Japan and overseas while also taking diverse initiatives aimed at fostering the development of global human resources.

Strengthening Global Human Resource Functions and Systems

To strengthen its systems for utilizing human resources globally, Mizuho is moving ahead with measures–including the creation of a human resource database with information on approximately 6,000 international staff members–to establish an integrated human resource management system encompassing operations in Japan and overseas. In addition, by transferring international staff to posts in Japan, expanding the hiring of non–Japanese university students in Japan, and taking other initiatives, we are accelerating the globalization of our domestic operations.

Measures for Fostering the Development of Global Human Resources

Manager Training at Overseas Bases

Working in collaboration with external educational institutions, Mizuho is establishing manager training programs at its overseas bases with the objective of intensifying the development of "distinctively Mizuho" global human resources who share a common understanding of Mizuho's Corporate Identity.

Measures to Foster the Development of "National Staff" Human Resources

Mizuho is proactively working to foster the development of National Staff human resources through training and career development programs. In fiscal 2012, more than 100 National Staff members participated in training programs in Japan and were given opportunities to interact with domestic employees engaged in day–to–day business operations and to visit Japanese corporate customers as a means of strengthening collaboration between Japanese and overseas bases.

Employee Voices

Photo: Swallow Zhang Manager Shenzhen Branch, Mizuho Corporate Bank (China) Co., Ltd.

Swallow Zhang
Shenzhen Branch, Mizuho Corporate Bank (China) Co., Ltd.

In May 2013, I participated in a training program in Japan. In the course of the program, I was able to directly observe the highly professional attitudes of my colleagues working in Japan as well as other aspects of Japan's unique business culture, and I was particularly impressed by the way that each individual employee gives top priority to meeting customer needs and strives to improve the quality of the services he or she provides. As a result, I feel motivated to do my utmost to perform my work in China while giving even greater emphasis than before to the "customer first" philosophy, and I am hoping that this will accelerate the momentum of my personal development as a Mizuho employee. I am very pleased that the training program is enabling National Staff members to gain a better understanding of operations at headquarters in Japan and is providing us with opportunities to exchange information directly with branch employees with whom we previously could only interact with by means of telephone calls. I am looking forward to the expansion of this training program so that a growing number of my subordinates in China can also participate going forward.

Measures Focused on Employees Working in Japan

Mizuho has expanded its systems for supporting the efforts of employees working in Japan to improve their skills through measures such as the establishment of the Mizuho Global Communications Club, which helps employees upgrade their English–language skills and promotes improved understanding of different cultures, as well as the establishment of a home–stay program that arranges for National Staff members participating in training programs in Japan to live at the homes of Japan–based employees.

In addition, to augment the overseas living experience of relatively young employees, we are proactively offering opportunities to study abroad and join training programs at overseas bases. In fiscal 2012, we sent approximately 100 young employees overseas.

Photo: A meeting of the Mizuho Global Communications Club

A meeting of the Mizuho Global Communications Club

Photo: A National Staff member participating in the home–stay program

A National Staff member participating in the home–stay program

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