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Special Feature on Employee Relations

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To respond to economic globalization and the increasing diversity of consumer needs, while seeking to increase Japan's economic vitality despite the country's progressive demographic graying and shrinking labor force, it is becoming increasingly important to foster the development of global human resources and make use of a diverse employee base, without discriminating on the basis of nationality, gender, or other individual characteristics. Moving ahead with related initiatives is becoming an important management objective for companies.

In April 2013, Mizuho instituted its new "HR Vision." based on its corporate philosophy as a means of clearly articulating its vision with respect to human resource management. In addition, one of the strategies in the Medium–term Business Plan Mizuho announced in February 2013 calls for "allocating and developing human resources on a group–wide basis," and we are emphasizing the implementation of measures related to this objective. Specifically, we are seeking to allocate and develop human resources for our banking, trust banking, and securities businesses on a group–wide basis to foster the development of global human resources, and promote an increase in the number of women in managerial positions, thereby establishing a human resource base that is optimal for supporting the successful execution of Mizuho's business strategies.

Institution of the New "Vision for Human Resources"

To realize one of the fundamental tenets of Mizuho's Corporate Identity–"bringing fruitfulness for each customer and the economies and the societies in which we operate" –we believe it to be important to ensure that all employees share a common understanding of the corporate philosophy in a way that instills a corporate culture in which all employees are autonomously inspired to implement optimal initiatives. To help realize this objective, we are doing our utmost to implement human resource management policies that are in accordance with the newly instituted "HR Vision."

HR Vision (established April 1, 2013)

Mizuho Financial Group firmly believes that the personal development of individual employees contributes to the stable and sustainable growth of Mizuho as a whole.

Mizuho recognizes those employees who put the Mizuho Values into practice, and helps employees to create a more fulfilling life through their work.

  • Mizuho encourages employees to utilize their strengths, and provides opportunities for them to use their skills and to develop their abilities.
  • Mizuho encourages employees who differ in terms of gender, country of origin, cultural background, and values to understand, respect, and inspire each other.
  • Mizuho works with its employees to create a corporate culture that encourages people to be passionate about and to take pride in their work.

Image: New "Vision for Human Resources"

Allocating and Developing Human Resources on Group–wide Basis

This section explains how Mizuho is seeking to allocate and develop human resources for its banking, trust banking, and securities businesses on a group–wide basis, and to foster the development of global employees.

Measures to Promote Women's Career Development and Sound Work–Life Balances

This section explains what kind of measures Mizuho is taking to promote female employees' career development and sound work–life balances.

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