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Social Contribution Activities

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Implementing Diverse Social Contribution Activities as a "Good Corporate Citizen"

Groupwide Efforts

Delivering Yellow Badges

Since 1965, Mizuho has presented first–graders nationwide with Yellow Badges, signifying traffic accident insurance coverage and calling for the prevention of traffic accidents involving children. The number of badges presented as of 2013, the 49th year of the program, totals 59,990,000, distributed in cooperation with Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, and The Dai–ichi Life Insurance Company, Ltd.

Photo:The Yellow Badge

The Yellow Badge

Coming–of–Age Day Concert

Since 1990, Mizuho has held an annual Coming–of–Age Day concert, in support of young artists and to expose more young people to classical music as part of its efforts to nurture the next generation.

Photo:Performance (Photo: K.MIURA)

Performance (Photo: K.MIURA)

Mizuho Volunteer Day

Since fiscal 2006, Mizuho has held its Mizuho Volunteer Day, a community volunteer event involving employees and their families, and taking place at various domestic and overseas locations. In fiscal 2012, volunteer activities took place at 35 locations in 18 countries, and involved over 2,300 people, taking part in a range of activities, including preparing food for the homeless, and improving parks and gardens.

Photo:Mizuho volunteers in action

Mizuho volunteers in action

Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration

Since fiscal 2008, Mizuho has undertaken to donate one tree seedling for every 20 employees who pledge to be environmentally conscious in their everyday activities under the Mizuho Eco–Action Declaration. In fiscal 2012, 50,940 employees pledged to participate, and Mizuho contributed to reforestation activities by donating 2,547 seedlings in total to greenery promotion areas including the Coastal forest restoration project at the disaster–stricken areas, Tokyo's "Umi–no–mori (Sea Forest) project."

Currently, the cumulative total number of employees who have participated in Mizuho Eco–Action Declaration programs has risen to 153,886, and the number of seedlings donated has reached 7,692.

Photo: Planting activities

Planting activities

Image: Eco–action declaration poster

Eco–action declaration poster

Efforts by Individual Group Companies

The Mt. Fuji Clean–Up Program

Aiming to help pass on Mt. Fuji to future generations in a beautifully pristine condition, MHSC has sustained its participation in the clean–up campaigns of a non–profit organization, FUJISAN CLUB, since fiscal 2007. In fiscal 2012, 44 of the company's employees volunteered for the clean-up and were able to gather approximately 900 kilograms of refuse.

Photo:Participants in the Mt. Fuji clean–up campaign

Participants in the Mt. Fuji clean–up campaign

Implementing Community Contribution Activities at Bases throughout Japan

Each of the branches of MHTB throughout Japan are engaging in one or more clean–up campaigns and other community contribution campaigns every six months. In the latter half of fiscal 2012, 524 employees posted at 35 branches nationwide undertook such activities as participation in community events and clean–up campaigns focused on areas in the vicinity of their offices.

Photo:Participants in a clean–up campaign focused on a park near a branch office

Participants in a clean–up campaign focused on a park near a branch office

Branches (Japan)

Branches (International)

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Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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