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Support for Financial Education (CSR Highlight 2012)

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Providing Financial Education to Foster Children's Capacity to Live

Aiming to provide children with basic knowledge of and raise their interest in finance that is deeply rooted in social life, Mizuho moved in April 2005 to position "support for financial education" as an emphasized field within its CSR programs.

Subsequently, Mizuho has drawn on its wide range of practical knowledge and know–how about finance nurtured through the provision of comprehensive financial services to move ahead with the provision of support for financial education at two levels—the elementary and secondary education level and the higher education level.

In the area of elementary and secondary education, since fiscal 2006, we have collaborated with Tokyo Gakugei University (one of Japan's leading teacher training centers) to establish a joint research project on financial education for elementary and middle schools. Combining expertise from both sides, we are working to develop practical teaching tools and broaden the adoption of financial education.

Based on the results of this joint research project, Mizuho employees visit schools and teach finance classes as guest instructors. Mizuho also cooperates with a "workplace experience" program by providing opportunities at its branches nationwide for elementary and middle school students to experience actual work and thereby directly learn about the significance of work. In fiscal 2012, Mizuho employees taught classes as guest instructors on 38 occasions and students were invited to experience work environments at branches 151 times. The total number of students participating in these events since fiscal 2006 surpassed 22,000.

In the field of higher education, attention is being focused on creating lectures and courses on practical themes related to recent financial conditions and financial industry issues. These donated lectures and courses will be presented in six faculties at five universities.

Mizuho is also engaged in a wide range of financial education activities overseas in line with the needs it has identified in individual countries.

Photo: Class being taught by a guest instructor

Class being taught by a guest instructor

Photo: Financial education lectures at a university

Financial education lectures at a university

Promoting the Spread of Financial Education

Organization of Open Lectures

In November 2012, an open lecture sponsored by the joint research project with Tokyo Gakugei University was held for teachers and others interested in financial education in a seminar room of MHRI.

In addition to the lecture—which discussed the relationship of financial education to the daily lives, growth, and moral awareness of children from the perspectives of "money and life" and "money and hearts"—the event included workshop sessions on the theme "potentials of renewed development of practical education going forward," including sessions focused on "social studies," "special support education," "home economics," and "moral education."

The event provided information on the practical use of the "Let's Think about Life and Money" textbook created by the joint research project in 2011 and provided a venue for participants to exchange information regarding the creation of new teaching methods going forward.

Photo: Open lecture

Open lecture

Children's Summer School

Aiming to support financial education and contribute to local communities, Mizuho has held "Children's Summer School" sessions since fiscal 2011. In fiscal 2012, these sessions were held at 78 branches of MHBK in 47 prefectures and metropolises throughout Japan, enabling 970 participants centered on elementary school students to learn about finance through taking part in quizzes and games related to money and banking as well as visiting actual workplaces.

Photo: Experiencing the weight of JPY 100 million worth of bank notes

Experiencing the weight of JPY 100 million worth of bank notes

Photo: Counting bank notes

Counting bank notes

Overseas Activities

Working through its overseas bases, Mizuho also supports financial education that takes into consideration the conditions and environment in each country as well as societal needs. Working in concert with the Financial Inclusion Project promoted by the Reserve Bank of India (India's central bank), Mizuho Bank's Mumbai Branch has continued to push forward the Financial Literacy Program (FLP) since 2009.

In specific terms, the Bank has impressed on over 2,000 students and youths in the Mumbai area the importance of family budget management, which includes prudent spending and putting money away for the future. At the same time, the Branch arranges tours of the Financial Inclusion Human Resource Center of the Reserve Bank of India.

Mizuho has already commenced similar activities in other regions throughout India, including Bangalore. Moving forward, considerable emphasis will be placed on contributing to improved financial literacy in India.

Photo:Students in a class

Students in a class

Employee Voices

We strongly believe in the importance of improving financial literacy in India. It is particularly important as a means to solve the poverty issue. With this mind, we are working to educate students on how to manage family budgets.

It is not uncommon in India for people to borrow money at high rates of interest from local money lenders just to meet their daily living needs. Under these circumstances, we are endeavoring to explain the critical need to live within one’s own means. We are convinced that these lessons go a long way in improving awareness toward money among participating students.

Looking ahead, we will expand the scope of our activities taking into consideration the needs of local communities.

Photo: Divya Dayal Assistant General Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility Team, Mumbai Branch, India, Mizuho Bank

Divya Dayal
Assistant General Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility Team,
Mumbai Branch, India, Mizuho Bank

Photo: Rajesh Alphanso Assistant Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility Team, Mumbai Branch, India, Mizuho Bank

Rajesh Alphanso
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility Team,
Mumbai Branch, India, Mizuho Bank

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