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Feature on Environmental Initiatives

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Simultaneous Pursuit of Economic Growth and Environmental Conservation

Mizuho is promoting various measures to achieve both economic growth and environmental conservation according to its Policies for Environmental Activities.

As part of that effort, Mizuho, in 2003, became the first Japanese bank to adopt the Equator Principles for assessing and managing social and environmental risk in project finance. Moreover, in November 2011, we became an official signatory to the Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society, which address a wide range of issues including environmental problems.

We are also taking steps to lower the environmental burden of our own business activities. In 2010, we established the Mizuho Environmental Standards, which address eight areas, including the construction of, and usage of certain facilities and energy in, branches. In fiscal 2011, we commenced the development of environmentally conscious Mizuho Eco Branches.

Mizuho is involved in environmental businesses through such initiatives as participating in an overseas smart–city project, performing consulting services for emissions rights trading, and offering "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" to meet the needs of middle–market and small and medium–sized enterprises practicing or wanting to practice environmentally conscious management.

Smart Grid Demonstration Project in Hawaii

MHCB is participating in the Japan–U.S. collaborative demonstration project for world–leading remote island smart grids.

Initiatives for Promotion of the Bilateral Offset Credit Mechanism

This section reports on Mizuho's feasibility study toward promoting adoption of the bilateral offset credit system.

Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus

MHBK provides environmentally conscious financing products to support customers' environmentally conscious management.

Accounting Service for Scope 3 GHG Emissions

This section reports on MHIR's multifaceted support for calculating and reporting GHG emissions under new standards.

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