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Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus

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Offering Environmentally Conscious Financial Products that Help Customers Achieve Progress in Environmentally Conscious Management

Assessing the Risks and Opportunities of Environmentally Conscious Management

MHBK conducts "Eco Certifications" of working capital and equipment investment needs for customers practicing environmentally conscious management or seeking to make capital investments to improve the environment. These "Eco Certifications" are based on MHBK's own environmental standards and are used to set financing and issuance terms for "Mizuho Eco–Assist" environmentally conscious financing products and "Mizuho Eco Private Placement" environmentally conscious corporate bond products. Both of these products are being used by large numbers of MHBK customers.

In addition, since March 2011, MHBK has been using the "Mizuho Eco Grade" environmental rating system developed by MHIR to assess the status of customers' environmentally conscious management practices. MHIR developed the "Mizuho Eco Grade" environmental rating system in response to the needs of customers seeking objective assessments of their environmental initiatives. MHBK uses it to assess the environmentally conscious management efforts of customers and then uses rating results to determine financing and issuance terms for "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" environmentally conscious financing products and "Mizuho Eco Private Placement plus" environmentally conscious corporate bond products.

"Mizuho Eco Grade" ratings are for customers who have already won ISO14001, Eco Action 21, or other such third–party environmental management system certifications and provide overall assessments of the customer's environmental capabilities in terms of both risks (abilities to handle environmental risks) and opportunities (environmental business initiatives). Customers' ongoing environmental initiatives are basically reviewed for three years under the standard approach, but may be reviewed for one year under a simplified approach if the customer desires. Assessment results are presented to customers in the form of a "Mizuho Eco Grade" and "Simplified environmental capabilities examination report." Customers can use this information to continuously improve their environmental activities and for purposes like enhancing IR activities.

To ensure the validity of the "Mizuho Eco Grade" assessment approach, advice is received from Deloitte Tohmatsu Evaluation and Certification Organization Co., Ltd.

Flow of Mizuho Eco Grade evaluations

Using External Evaluations to Identify Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

MHBK made its very first "Mizuho Eco–Assist Pluss" loan to Repast Corporation, a company that provides food services for group settings in August 2011.

Before it received its "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" loan, Repast had already acquired the ISO14001 international certification for environmental management systems for its headquarters and numerous business facilities. It had also been actively working to reduce food waste and promote local food production and consumption.

Acknowledging Repast's environmentally conscious management efforts in these regards, MHBK provided "Mizuho Eco–Assist" financing to it in February 2011. When MHBK suggested that Repast use "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" financing to further enhance its environmental capabilities, the services provided responded perfectly to Repast's desire to receive an objective assessment of its environmental initiatives, and a loan was provided.

After receiving its "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" financing, Repast said that having an external valuation in the form of the "Simplified environmental capabilities examination report" clarified their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and allowed them to clearly see the direction in which they should be going.


Scene of Cooking


Food provided by Repast Corporation

Use of Mizuho Eco Grades for the Ministry of the Environment's Interest Subsidy System

Gyutora .Inc is a supermarket chain operating 27 stores in Mie Prefecture. Having taken steps like acquiring ISO14001 certification, Gyutora had established a solid environmentally conscious management system and had been actively pursuing environmentally friendly policies from the perspectives of protecting the environment and cutting costs.

Gyutora used "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" financing to secure capital to construct a new distribution center featuring a green roof and energy–saving air conditioning and heating systems. It acquired a "Mizuho Eco Grade," under Mizuho's own unique environmental rating system, and made use of the Ministry of the Environment's system for providing interest subsidies for projects that promote environmentally conscious management (The loan was made to Shimizu Industries Co., Ltd. , Gyutora's asset management company in January 2012.)

Under the Ministry of the Environment's interest subsidy system, a company that acquires an environmental rating like the "Mizuho Eco Grade" and pledges to achieve a CO2 reduction target can receive an interest rate subsidy of up to 1% for a maximum of five years for financing used to invest in facilities that help to prevent global warming. Gyutora pledged that it would reduce its CO2 base unit emissions by at least 5% within five years.

Through its use of this system, Gyutora succeeded in reducing its financing cost, while also benefiting the environment.

MHBK, through its offering of "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" and other such products, continues to actively support the environmentally conscious management efforts of its customers, and contribute to initiatives aimed at lowering society's overall environmental burden.


A New Distribution Center


Community clean–up

Employee Voices


Senior Manager, Planning team, Corporate Banking Coordination Division, Mizuho Bank
(currently Joint General Manager, Kyobashi Branch Division II, Mizuho Bank)
Takanori Yoshioka

I develop products with the hope of contributing to efforts to protect the environment for society as a whole through financing. "Mizuho Eco–Assist" financing incorporates the hope of increasing the number of companies newly adopting environmentally conscious management. "Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus" financing responds to the needs of companies that are already engaging in environmentally conscious management and want an objective assessment of the environmental initiatives they have already undertaken. Going forward, I would like to contribute to efforts to promote customer's progress in environmentally conscious management.

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