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Feature on Support for Financial Education

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Financial Education to Foster Children's Capacity to Live

Mizuho supports financial education at the elementary and secondary education level and the higher education level based on the belief that it is better for children, who will be responsible for society's future, to have a deep understanding of finance in order to live independently in an increasingly complex and globalized society, harnessing the Group's wide range of practical knowledge and know–how about finance nurtured through the provision of comprehensive financial services.

In the area of elementary and middle school education, in fiscal 2006,we collaborated with Tokyo Gakugei University, one of Japan's leading teacher training centers to establish a joint research project on financial education for elementary and middle schools. Combining expertise from both sides, we are working to develop practical teaching tools and broaden the adoption of financial education.

Based on the results of this joint research project, Mizuho employees visit schools and teach finance classes as guest instructors.

Mizuho also provides opportunities at its branches nationwide for elementary and middle school students to experience actual work.

In fiscal 2011, Mizuho employees taught classes as guest instructors on 63 occasions (5 more than in the previous fiscal year) and students were invited to experience work environments at branches 205 times (55 more than in the previous fiscal year). The total number of students participating in these events came to 4,644 (353 more than in the previous fiscal year).

Efforts are being made to enhance initiatives in the field of elementary and middle school education while in high school education attention is being focused on creating lectures and courses on practical themes related to recent financial conditions and financial industry issues. These donated lectures and courses will be presented in six faculties at five universities, as well as high schools.


Class being taught by a guest instructor


Financial education lectures at a high school

Development of Practical Financial Education Textbook and DVD

Concluding that the further diffusion of financial education would require practical teaching tools, the joint research project with Tokyo Gakugei University, used the results of classroom teaching research and other information to develop a new financial education textbook and accompanying DVD, which were officially completed in July 2011.

Purposefully omitting any reference to school type and grade level, the textbook includes material for five subjects –"Living Environment Studies", "Social Studies", "Home Economics", "Moral Education", "the Period for Integrated Studies". This material is covered in 19 sets of teaching materials, each with four steps. The textbook is structured to allow teachers to choose the content they believe is best suited for their students. A class guide for teachers has also been prepared.


"Let's Think about Life and Money"


Class Guide for Teachers

The accompanying DVD includes the textbook content and an audio function that allows it to be heard in a synthetic voice. It also has a teaching guide, recommendations for what to write on blackboards, and a wealth of illustrations, newspaper articles, and other reference materials.


DVD label


DVD title screen

In October 2011, an open lecture sponsored by the joint research project with Tokyo Gakugei University was held for teachers and others interested in financial education. The lecture, which was held in a Mizuho Research Institute seminar room, discussed the new textbook and DVD developed through the research project, and possibilities for financial education.

More specifically, it explained the content and functional aspects of the textbook and DVD. To help seminar participants develop a clear understanding of the materials, they were provided with a chance to get some hands–on experience with the materials in a workshop, while separate sessions where held to present mock classes.


Open lecture


Electronic Blackboard Demonstration

In March 2012, the Financial Education Textbooks and DVD were named the winner of the National Institute on Consumer Education's 8th awards for "Excellent Material Awards concerning Consumer Education"*.

  • *This award was created with the intent to contribute to the enhanced development of consumer education in schools through use of materials incorporating the latest information from businesses and industry organizations, etc. in the development of guidance materials for schools or education research by teachers, etc.

Distribution the textbooks (with DVDs) at no charge

If you would like to have a free textbook and DVD, please request a set using the contact information below.


Tokyo Gakugei University Financial Education Joint Research Project
Tel: 042–329–7554
Mizuho Financial Group Corporate Communications Division
Tel: 03–5224–2677

Children's Summer School

Adding to its guest instructor and workplace experience programs, Mizuho embarked on a new initiative, the "Children's Summer School" which it held between August 11 and September 8, 2011. Employees from MHFG , MHBK, MHCB, MHTB, MHSC, MHIS and MHIR acted as instructors to teach elementary school students about money and banking through quizzes, games, and workplace experience events. The "Children's Summer School" activities were held at 44 locations (42 MHBK branches and 2 MHTB branches) across the country, where 88 Mizuho employees taught 545 elementary school children from local communities and business partners.

Feedback from the children who participated indicated that they came to understand how banks are organized and what they do, and had fun, memorable experiences seeing the inner workings of a bank.

For their part, the Mizuho employees who acted as instructors said that they gained a great sense of satisfaction from contributing to their communities, got a real sense from smiles on emerging on nervous faces that the children enjoyed the classes, and believe the summer school should be held regularly going forward.

Feedback from Children

  • "I learned what people who work at banks do." (4th grade girl)
  • "I learned what deposit banks do." (5th grade boy)
  • "I want to become a banker when I grow up." (5th grade boy)
  • "It was really fun. I want to remember what I learned." (6th grade girl)
  • "It was good becaus I was able to learn about how banks and ATMs work." (6th grade boy)
  • "I now have a clear understanding of how money flows. The teacher was very good. I want to come again!" (6th grade girl)


Children answering a quiz


A Children's Summer School Poster

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