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CS (Customer Satisfaction) Improvement Initiatives

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Listening Carefully to Customers and Faithfully Responding to their Needs

Elevating the CS Awareness of All Employees of the Group under the Customer First Policy

Under our customer first policy, Mizuho acts from the customer's perspective and provides customers with top–level comprehensive financial services that satisfy their needs at all times.

We act in accordance with our "Basic Stance toward Customers" and, understanding that all of the work performed by all employees has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction and our ability to win customer trust, we work to build long–term relationships that honor close ties to individual customers.


Basic Stance towards Customers

  • We will continually strive to satisfy customers, earn their trust and build long–term relationships.
  • We will know our customers well and deal with them in good faith.
  • We will provide customers with ample information and offer them top–class comprehensive financial services.
  • We will manage the assets of our customers with due and diligent care.
  • We will work to educate ourselves in order to acquire exceptional discernment and specialized knowledge and skills that benefit our customers.

Accurately Responding to Diverse Customer Needs and Expectations

Mizuho continuously works to increase the CS awareness of all employees of the group by conducting thorough training and applying CS awareness improvement tools across the group, so that we can accurately understand customer feedback. All employees of the group take the customer's perspective to accurately grasp diverse needs and expectations and then make the most of the high–level expertise of individual companies of the group to provide products and services that meet with customer satisfaction.

Setting its Own Course and Advancing CS Activities Together – the Oshiage Branch

MHBK Oshiage Branch is located near Oshiage Station (on the Keisei Oshiage, Tobu Isezaki, Toei Asakusa, and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Lines), which is at the base of the Tokyo SkyTree and always crowded with tourists. The surrounding area, which includes Oshiage and Narihirabashi in Sumida Ward, has bustled with commerce since the Edo Era. Because of that, the Oshiage Branch's customers include many retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers with long histories. The recent construction of large numbers of condominium projects, however, has also made the area increasingly popular as a residential location close to central Tokyo. A rising number of individual customers, therefore, is a distinguishing characteristic of the Oshiage Branch.

The Oshiage Branch, which is visited by large numbers of customers daily, has made "responding to customers with sincerity, politeness, and speed" its own unique CS theme. It is working to strengthen employee training for welcoming customers (which is also used at the head office), and integrating lobby, service counter, and back office operations, and taking other steps, as well, to enhance its abilities to respond to customers with sincerity, politeness, and speed as an expression of gratitude for their business. To put into practice its aim of doing whatever it can from the customer's perspective, the Oshiage Branch has redoubled its efforts to collect customer feedback cards and gather survey responses from corporate and individual customers, and is moving forward with efforts to respond to each customer's individual needs.

To advance concrete initiatives along these lines, the Oshiage Branch holds not only the same monthly CS and Customer Protection Improvement Committee meetings held at all MHBK branches but also its own CS Subcommittee Meetings for smaller groups of employees and CS Morning Assemblies, both on a weekly basis. In CS Morning Assemblies, information including presentations on examples of success at the Oshiage Branch and other branches, as well, is provided to both share information and increase CS awareness, and this effort has helped to improve CS activities.

Based on the CS themes and initiatives discussed above, the Oshiage Branch is striving to provide service that is sincere, polite, and speedy not only in the branch but in its external activities, as well.

Emphasizing Front–Line Operations and Providing Customers with Services that Best Match Their Needs

When they visit customers, Oshiage Branch employees do whatever they can to swiftly respond to customer requests and inquiries. To support those efforts the branch constantly strives to ensure that each employee responds quickly to customer needs, that communications within the branch are strong and promote speedy organizational responses, and that issues are resolved on the day they arise and not carried over to the next.

The Oshiage Branch emphasizes front–line operations, putting into practice the tenet that it can and will act from the customer's perspective. In one case, for example, the branch won a customer's gratitude when it rapidly responded to its request for financing to build a plant in an area away from Tokyo. Going to the proposed construction site and examining it with its own eyes, rather just relying on a written description, yielded a better understanding of the project plan and facilitated financing approval. The branch also researched whether public subsidies could be used, recommended their use, and took other steps to present the customer with an optimal financing package.


Terunobu Nishikawa
Manager, Business Development Group II, Oshiage Branch, Mizuho Bank


CS morning assembly

Improving by Confronting Issues Raised in Customer Feedback

When a customer comes to us with a complaint or criticism, we are committed to solving the problem by listening sincerely and responding promptly and appropriately. We also see our customers' views as a managerial resource and after investigating and analyzing the cause of the problem, we clarify the issues involved and utilize the results to prevent their recurrence and improve the group's management quality, products, and services.

Replacing Lost Passbooks and Handling Other Needs via Internet Banking

In the past, when a passbook, or ATM or other card, was lost, the customer had to go to a branch to replace it. Customer feedback, however, indicated that customers wanted to be able to handle this procedure without going to a branch.

Seeking to respond in a way that would be both convenient and safe for customers, MHBK considered whether its Internet Banking service might provide a solution. Replacing lost passbooks or cards via the Internet Banking service would require the same level of customer authentication and other security used in branches. After devoting considerable attention to how this could be accomplished, MHBK began, in March 2012, to accept customer requests to replace lost passbooks, credit cards, card loan cards, and Mizuho Mileage Club cards via Mizuho Direct Internet Banking. This service can also be used to report found passbooks and personal seals previously reported to have been lost. Using this service, which is the first offered by a megabank, MHBK customers can now take care of even more of their banking needs from their homes or other locations, without having to go to a branch.

Enhancing ATM Functions with the Ability to Choose Whether to Display Account Balances on ATM Receipts

In the past, when a customer used a cash card to make a cash transfer from an MHBK ATM, the account balance would be shown on the transaction receipt. Customer feedback, however, indicated a desire to not show this bit of important personal information. In January 2012, therefore, MHBK responded by giving customers the ability to choose whether to show account balance information on ATM receipts for cash transfers.

Mizuho wants to serve as many customers as possible and to deliver ever higher levels of customer satisfaction. Toward that end, we will continue to emphasize action from the customer's perspective, confront issues raised in customer feedback, and strive to improve our products and services.

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