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Initiatives for Integrated Group Management

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The group has been endeavoring together to its full extent to engage in the Business Improvement Plans which were submitted in June 2011, reflecting on the computer system failures that occurred in March 2011. Specifically, as well as developing countermeasures regarding system functions, including the reorganization of large volume data processing capabilities, which triggered such failures, we have been taking measures such as upgrading the response mechanism upon the occurrence of a crisis followed by examinations of effectiveness through training, improving the management administration regime including "Actions to Restore Customer ConfidencePDF" announced in May 2011, and developing systems risk management capabilities through a "comprehensive inspection of systems risk at all group banks," as originally planned. The group will continue to bear in mind a lasting understanding of the public mission of financial institutions that bear responsibilities for the settlement system and take all necessary measures to ensure stable operations.

Toward Realizing the Advanced and Integrated Group Management Structure

With respect to the Transformation Program which was launched as the Medium–term Management Policy of the group in May 2010, the group has steadily been taking initiatives to strengthen three areas: "Improving Profitability," "Enhancing Financial Base" and "Strengthening Front–line Business Capabilities."

The group has decided to establish the "advanced group management structure." Under this initiative, the group aims to establish a new corporate structure and corporate governance structure, with which it will be able to utilize the banking, trust and securities functions most effectively as the only financial group in Japan with all three functions under one umbrella, and thereby to improve further customer convenience.

MHTB, MHSC, and MHIS, were turned into wholly–owned subsidiaries of MHFG in September 2011, and thereby Mizuho has further enhanced the "group collective capabilities" by integrating group–wide business operations, optimizing management resources, such as workforce and branch network, and accelerating the implementation of the Transformation Program.

As part of our efforts to establish the new corporate structure, MHSC and MHIS will merge on January 4, 2013 to form a full–line securities company that will be the group's central provider of securities functions.*

Additionally, MHFG, MHBK, and MHCB jointly announced that the merger between MHBK and MHCB, which constitutes the core of the establishment of the advanced group management structure, is to be conducted on July 1, 2013 on the assumption that, among other things, filings will have been made to, and permission obtained from, the relevant authorities in Japan and any foreign countries. Through the merger of the two banks, the group aims to become able to provide directly and promptly diverse and functional financial services to customers, utilizing the current "strengths" and "advantages" of both banks, and by further enhancing group collaboration among the banking, trust and securities functions.

Implementing the "substantive one bank" structure from April 2012, the group will take measures to realize the synergies generated from the merger as soon as possible prior to the scheduled effective date of the merger. In addition to the merger of the two banks, the group will consider the possibility of a consolidation that includes MHTB.

  • *MHSC and MHIS merged on January 4, 2013.
Transition to Integrated Group Management (Illustration)

To become "the most trusted financial institution"

Mizuho created concepts represented by the sub slogan "One MIZUHO: Building the future with you" in September 2011. This slogan was created based on suggestions solicited from employees. It is intended to reflect employee ideals. Going back to the principle of putting the customer first, it expresses our unified group commitment to take on the challenges of changing in ways that will allow us to play a useful role in society and become its most trusted financial institution.

We remain committed to the ideals represented by our sub slogan as we work together as a group to implement the reforms necessary for us to achieve our goal of becoming "the most trusted financial institution."

Concepts represented by the sub slogan "One MIZUHO: Building the future with you"

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