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Specific Donation Trusts

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Providing Products Responding to the Desire to Put Assets to Work for Society

In the fiscal 2011 tax system revision, the Japanese government established the "Specific Donation Trust" system to create conditions for supporting public interest corporations, authorized NPOs, and other leaders of the "New Public," and encourage individuals to use trusts to make charitable contributions. MHTB began handling new products perfectly suited to the new system on March 1, 2012.

Specific Donation Trusts for Ongoing Support of Specific Public Interest Corporations

Specific Donation Trusts are intended to allow people who create them to provide ongoing support to specific public interest corporations or other beneficiaries over the long term. When a customer establishes a Specific Donation Trust, MHTB invests and manages the trust funds, making annual contributions of principle and investment income to the beneficiary. In return, the beneficiary issues a receipt that is provided to the trust customer via MHTB. The beneficiary also provides the trust customer with a report of its activities.

Specific Donation Trust Framework

Beneficiaries can be selected from among a list of eligible recipients comprised of public interest corporations and other organizations that have entered into comprehensive contribution agreements with MHTB. This approach responds to the needs of customers unsure of which organizations they could contribute to. Activity reports are provided by beneficiaries at least once a year, so customers can know how their contributions are being used.

Contributed trust investment income is not taxed and customers can receive a tax benefit for contributed trust principle on their annual tax returns.

Going forward, Mizuho will continue to develop products that use financial functions to help solve social issues.

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