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Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society

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Participating in Planning a Framework for Expanding "Environmental Finance"

Across the globe, expectations are growing for environmental finance, an approach for solving environmental problems by using financial flows to make society sustainable.

Against this background, the Expert Committee on Environment and Finance of the General Policy Committee of the MOE Central Environment Council recommended the development of the Japanese Version of Environmental Finance Principal as a framework for expanding environmental finance initiatives.

Efforts to create such a code of conduct got underway with the aim of expanding the scope and improving the quality of environmental finance in Japan. Discussions in a drafting committee, for which the Ministry of the Environment performed administrative functions, took place in seven meetings beginning in September 2010 and the "Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society", which address a wide range of issues including environmental problems were set forth in October 2011.

As a member of the drafting committee and working group, Mizuho actively participated in discussions for the formulation of the principles and sector guidelines, and became an official signatory in November 2011.

Exercising the unique qualities of its members, Mizuho is committed to advancing initiatives in accordance with these principles.


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