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Actions to "Restore Customer Confidence"

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Bearing the recent computer system failures in mind and with a strong resolution to prevent its recurrence, we announce the following actions to be implemented by Mizuho as acceleration initiatives of "Mizuho's Transformation Program" (the "Transformation Program") in order to restore customer confidence.

The core philosophy of the actions to restore customer confidence is a thorough implementation of the "customer first policy." As the first step, Mizuho has decided that it will further strengthen the unified management of the group through substantial consolidation and unification of its "management structure," "human resource management" and "business infrastructure," and substantively transform into "one bank" with a view towards integration by merger, etc.


Substantively Transform into "one bank" and consider integration by merger, etc, in future.

  • (1)Strengthening of Group Governance
    • Further strengthen group governance through clearly identifying the position of the Group CEO, strengthening the independence of the advisory bodies to the Board of Directors, and unifying the corporate planning and management units.
  • (2)Full Integration of Human Resource Management
    • Realize assignment of the right person in the right position and flexible deployment of personnel and invigorate the organization of the group through full integration of the functions of the executive officers in charge of human resource management and the existing Human Resources Divisions.
  • (3)Unification of Business Infrastructure
    • Drastically improve group management efficiency through unification of operations and full integration of the IT system platform for all of our banking businesses.

Under the strong commitment of our management, we are thoroughly implementing the "customer first policy" by encouraging officers and employees to change their mindset and restructuring the corporate culture, while thoroughly re–examining our management infrastructure ranging from the organizations and structure, human resource management to operations and IT systems. Furthermore, we will endeavor to fulfill our public mission as a financial institution. As described above, we will revitalize "Mizuho" through both the management infrastructure reform and the change in mindset, and all officers and employees of our group will strive to restore the confidence of all of our customers as well as society as a whole.

Actions to Restore Customer Confidence (Illustration)

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