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Initiatives to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

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In light of the severity and scope of the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the national economy and the Japanese people's lives, and bearing in mind our social responsibility and public mission as a financial institution, Mizuho stands ready to devote our entire group strengths to aiding the rapid recovery of our customers, and supporting regional and industrial reconstruction.

Mizuho's Structure to Support Recovery

Initiatives to Support Victims among Individual Customers

Mizuho Bank (MHBK) offers Disaster Recovery Loans for Great East Japan Earthquake Victims with a view to being as useful as possible to the recovery efforts of customers who were hit by the earthquake disaster. For individual customers dwelling in regions designated under the Disaster Relief Act, we respond flexibly to requests for deferments of payments of principal and interest associated with borrowings to acquire or refurbish homes. We also provide consultations concerning repayments of borrowings or housing loans at head office, all branches and some sub–branches throughout the country.

MHBK and Mizuho Trust & Banking (MHTB) allow customers who have lost their passbooks, seals or ATM cards as a result of the disaster to withdraw cash at branches after confirming their identity.

Initiatives to Support Victims among Corporate Customers

MHBK, Mizuho Corporate Bank (MHCB) and MHTB hold individual consultations with corporate customers who have suffered damage as a result of the disaster. This enables them to offer various kinds of management support, from meeting funding demand related to disaster reconstruction to introducing new customers to sale their products, suppliers, and even new partners that should be helpful in rebuilding their businesses.

We are ready to draw on the full range of expertise offered by the group, including MHTB's real estate and other trust functions, to respond quickly and flexibly to a variety of management issues.

MHBK and MHTB offer Disaster Relief Support Funding and handle various policy loans provided by public institutions. The goal is to help the disaster reconstruction efforts of corporate customers whose head offices, business or sales offices, factories and other buildings, machinery, equipment and other commercial facilities, or products, have suffered damage from the disaster.

In May 2011, MHBK also set up the Business Reconstruction Assistance Fund of JPY 200.0 billion to facilitate financing for corporate customers affected by the disaster. These include both customers whose business assets were directly damaged, and customers who were indirectly affected by rolling power cuts, difficulties in securing raw materials, and unfavorable reputations. Besides financing, MHBK holds individual consultations and provides its branches to several public institutions as places for briefings concerning their reconstruction support schemes with a view to strengthening the supply of information.

Mizuho Disaster Consultation Desks

MHBK, MHCB and MHTB have established consultation desks in their head offices and branches throughout the country to offer consultation services pertaining to transactions with customers hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

By the end of May 2011, MHBK had set up specialist Disaster–related Consultation Desk on Weekends and Holidays to provide customers with consultation services on weekends and holidays as well as working days at the Sendai Branch, the Iwaki Branch, and some branches in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

As of the end of June 2011, we continued to offer our dedicated Disaster–related Dial–up Consultation Service.

  • circleServices offered
    • Consultations on deposits
    • Consultations on repaying housing loans and other personal loans
    • Consultations on various procedures (inheritance, etc.)

Initiatives Aimed at Reviving Industry

MHCB draws on its deep understanding of industry and the know–how it has accumulated in various areas of finance, including joint initiatives between the public and private sectors, and makes proactive use of its financial intermediation and consulting functions in tackling the revival of industries that have been affected by the disaster.

More specifically, it has set up the Tohoku Fukko Desk (the Tohoku reconstruction desk) and is promoting exchanges of information among local companies, regional financial institutions and local public entities centered on Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures. The aim is to bring Mizuho's knowledge together and channel it into concrete initiatives for the revival of industry and the region during the process of recovery and restoration following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Initiatives to Support Disaster–stricken Areas

Donation and Contributions

To support the victims of the disaster, a donation of JPY 660 million from the group overall plus contributions of JPY 68.47 million from the management, officers and employees and the Mizuho Charity Fund have been made to the victims via the Japan Red Cross Society and other organizations. Our group companies have donated children's books, writing materials and clothing to primary and junior high school students in the disaster–stricken areas, and are working on delivering other things, including diaries and calendars.


Presentation Ceremony of Children's Books


Children's Books Gathered from management, officers and employees

During business gratitude campaigns and other campaigns aimed at individual customers, MHBK sent flowers, saplings, and school supplies to disaster areas, and sponsored summer festivals in the Tohoku region, and held other initiatives.

Support through Financial Products

MHSC is donating a portion of its trust fees from stock investment trusts to NPO that is engaged in relief efforts in the disaster–stricken area.

Employee Volunteers

Employees participated in volunteer activities in the disaster area from June through July 2011, removing sludge and cleaning up. In aggregate, 142 employees carried out activities over 60 days.


Volunteer Activities at Disaster–stricken Areas 1


Volunteer Activities at Disaster–stricken Areas 2

Responses to Electric Power Conditions

Amidst concerns that electricity supplies will come under pressure as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the demand for measures to reduce power consumption is increasing in society. In the areas supplied by Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tohoku Electric Power Company, we are promoting efforts to reduce electricity consumption by 15% compared with our peak power usage in the summer of 2010.

In addition, we held a campaign under the theme of "reducing electricity consumption at home" to raise awareness among employees and their families. For this, families recorded strategies for reducing electricity consumption at home on their Mizuho Eco Action Declaration form, and in correlation to the number of declarations we received, we will donate saplings to green areas established to combat the heat island phenomenon in Osaka, Tokyo, and other locations.

News Release at June 22, 2011: Power–saving Measures of Mizuho (PDF/52KB)PDF


Flyer for Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration (front)


Flyer for Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration (back)

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