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Program–based Emissions Reduction Project

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Helping to Reduce Household CO2 Emissions

Supporting Japan's First Program–based Emissions Reduction Project

Amid the international drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Japan undertook a type of domestic emissions initiative, the "Domestic Credit System," in October 2008. Since then, a large number of emissions reduction projects have been accepted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's credit certification committee.

Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. which has poured a great deal of effort into developing and marketing environmentally conscious homes also advanced an initiative in which it has customers who purchase homes equipped with solar power systems join its "Eco–ni–naru–ie–no–kai" (Eco Home Club) and pools the emissions reductions of members for counting as domestic emissions credits.

There were concerns, however, that the system for accepting emissions credits would recognize emissions reductions associated only with the number of club members enlisted when the application for emissions credit certification was submitted and that the application process would have to be repeated for any new members that joined the club. Such a situation would be very costly in terms of time and money.

Misawa Homes, therefore, proposed to the domestic credit certification committee that a program–based emissions reduction project under which emissions reductions associated with new member households could be added at any time. It submitted an application to that effect in March 2010 and won the first certification for program–based emissions reductions in Japan.

The Mizuho Information & Research Institute, which has supported and advanced the "Domestic Credit System" under a commission received from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at the outset of the program, supported the Misawa Homes scheme, which was a first achievement in Japan and also rare case at the global level. MHIR used its wealth of information and know–how regarding the problem of global warming to provide consulting services on matters like ways to measure household emissions reductions and approaches for managing the overall project.

Because they have the flexibility to add members, "Program–based Emissions Reduction Project" will facilitate the certification of domestic emissions credits from not just solar–powered homes but also the use of heat–pump water heaters, household fuel cells, and other common types of household energy efficiency equipment and facilities. Looking ahead, MHIR will continue to help promote household CO2 emissions reductions, which are increasingly drawing attention, by encouraging the wider adoption of program–based emissions reduction projects.

Diagram of Misawa Home's "ECO–ni–naru–ie–no–kai" scheme


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