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Mizuho Eco–Cycle

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Promoting the Mizuho Eco–Cycle Initiative

Expanding the Cycle of Reducing CO2 Emissions to All of Society

We promote the Mizuho Eco–Cycle initiative by providing a series of environment–related financial products and services for the Domestic Credit System, a Japanese system of emissions trading.

The Mizuho Eco–Cycle scheme refers to a series of environmental businesses that build a bridge among small, medium and large corporations and even individual customers. Through engagement in these efforts, Mizuho will expand the "Eco–Cycle" to reduce CO2 emissions throughout society.

Mizuho Eco–Cycle
  • *"The Domestic Credit System" is a system under which small and medium–sized enterprises, with the technical and financial support of corporations, implement initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, and the emissions credits resulting from these initiatives are purchased by the corporations for use in achieving their own CO2 emissions reduction targets.

Supporting Environmental Management

To support Japanese Corporation's initiatives for CO2 emissions reduction through propagating "the Domestic Credit System", Mizuho provides various products and services.

Mizuho's "Environmental Business Matching"

Mizuho's "Environmental Business Matching" facilitates a meeting between small or medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) interested in energy conservation and large companies with the expertise and technologies to deliver energy conservation.


Environmental Business Matching

"Mizuho Eco–Assist"/"Mizuho Eco–Assist Plus"

MHBK offers Mizuho Eco–Assist environmentally conscious financing products with below–market interest rates to respond to the working capital and investment capital needs of companies that are practicing environmentally conscious management or proactively addressing environmental problems, and to companies investing in facilities to improve the environment.

For more on these products, please refer to our information on Finance in Environment.

In March 2011, under our "Mizuho Eco Grade" system, we began to use our own standards to evaluate the status of environmentally conscious management at customer companies and to offer "Mizuho Eco–Assist plus" with terms based on "Mizuho Eco Grade" results. The "Mizuho Eco Grade" system developed by MHIR to evaluate the environmentally conscious management efforts of customers is unique to Mizuho. It is characterized by its evaluation of a company's environmental capabilities in terms of both risks and opportunities, and by its triennial follow–ups for evaluating ongoing environmental initiatives. This serves as the basis upon which we offer companies advantageous capital procurement and support for their environmentally conscious management efforts.

Flow of Mizuho Eco Grade evaluations

Support for application of the Domestic Credit System

To smooth the conversion of CO2 emissions reductions achieved through the introduction of energy–efficient facilities, and other steps taken by SMEs and middle–market companies, into emissions credits, the Mizuho Information & Research Institute provides comprehensive support for everything from the emissions reduction plan preparation required for applications submitted to certification institutions, to the introduction of credit examination institutions. MHBK, meanwhile, assists with introductions to large corporations seeking to purchase emissions credits.

Providing a Way to Help the Environment through the Use of Personal Loans and Other Means

Mizuho purchases Domestic Credit System in a way that reflects the usage of environmentally friendly products and services by individual customers, and donates them to the national government.

Mizuho Housing Loans / Mizuho Replacement Purchase Loans / MHBK Remodeling Loans / MHBK New Car Loans

In support of the efforts of individual customers make to protect the environment, MHBK has for some time now been offering loans with preferential interest rates. These loans have been available for customers wanting to remodel an existing home, or build or purchase a new home, to benefit the environment — for example, through the use of solar power generation or all–electric power —, and the purchase of a hybrid or other environmentally friendly car. In fiscal 2010, we embarked on another initiative in this direction by implementing a system under which Mizuho will purchase 1.4 tons worth of domestic CO2 emissions credits for each eligible loan transaction, and donate them to the national government.

Under this initiative, the use of an MHBK loan benefits the environment not only through the environmentally friendly home or car purchased with the loan but also by contributing to the proactive environmental activities of Japanese companies, by invigorating the Domestic Credit System and to the achievement of Japan's CO2 emissions reduction target.

Using debit cards to help the environment

MHBK has provided a way for individual consumers to help protect the environment through their daily shopping activities. When consumers use the debit card service via their MHBK ATM cards, we purchase JPY 1 of CO2 emissions credits for every transaction and donate them to the national government.

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