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Tokaichiba Eco Branch

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Developing Eco Branches Based on Our Own Standards

Opening of the First Model Branch

Mizuho has been proactive in identifying, reducing, and disclosing CO2 emissions and energy consumption at its principle business locations in Japan. We have enlisted resources from the entire Group in our efforts to reduce the burden our operations place on the environment.

To further develop and strengthen initiatives aimed at lowering our environmental burden, Mizuho Bank has newly established the following eight "Mizuho Environmental Standards" for operating environmentally conscious branches. We have begun to develop environmentally conscious branches — "Mizuho Eco Branches" — applying these standards and opened the first model branch, the Tokaichiba Branch in Yokohama, in February 2011.

The Tokaichiba Branch is the first new branch to apply the "Mizuho Environmental Standards" and, in addition to its installation of a solar power system on the roof, employs electricity–sipping LED lighting in its ATM corner and other locations. It is expected that initiatives like these will result in an approximate 20% reduction in equivalent CO2 emissions, relative to existing branches.


Exterior view of the Tokaichiba Branch


Rooftop solar power system


ATM corner using LED lighting


Meter displaying amount of power generated

Mizuho Environmental Standards

  • (1)Construction: Improve performance of exterior walls
  • (2)Electric power facilities: Use high–efficiency transformers
  • (3)Lighting equipments: Use high–efficiency lighting equipment (including LED lighting)
  • (4)Air conditioning system: Use high–efficiency air conditioning equipment
  • (5)Ventilation system: Use high–efficiency ventilation equipment
  • (6)Plumbing system: Use water–conserving fixtures
  • (7)Hot water supply system: Use high–efficiency water heaters
  • (8)Renewable energy (Solar power, green roof, rainwater usage, etc.)

Moving forward, Mizuho will verify the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction performance of its model branches and use what it learns to update the "Mizuho Environmental Standards." In doing so, we will also consider environmental measures that could be effectively implemented for existing branches by applying the "Mizuho Environmental Standards" to them in accordance with their individual circumstances.

Manager's Comment


Takayuki Yoshimoto
Manager, Customer Service Department, Tokaichiba Branch, Mizuho Bank

Yokohama's Midori–ward, is where Mizuho Bank opened its Tokaichiba Branch, its first Eco Branch. As its name suggests, the area has waterways and wooded areas, including the "Shimin no Mori" (Citizens Forest). Within that environment and with a significant portion of the local residents keenly interested in protecting the environment, many of our customers, who could see the solar panels on the roof and the LED lighting inside, asked about plans for opening more new branches similar to the Tokaichiba Branch and how much energy was being saved. Receiving this kind of attention was fantastic for a new branch and great encouragement for all of us working there.

For society as a whole, the need for energy efficiency is growing ever larger, and I am hopeful that by adding management innovations to the physical infrastructure innovations that have been implemented here ahead of all other branches, we will become a branch that local residents not only accept as a neighbor but are also proud to have in their community.

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