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Clean Energy Bond for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

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Selling the Clean Energy Bonds Issued by the African Development Bank

Investing in companies based on the evaluation of social factors, including corporate ethics, legal compliance and environmental approaches, as well as financial factors, is called Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). In response to growing attention to SRI and corporate engagement in environmental activities in Japan, Mizuho began selling the Clean Energy Bonds issued by the African Development Bank* in March 2010. This move was designed to respond to investors who want to contribute to global environmental conservation and the regional growth of Africa, while also seeking greater business opportunities.

  • *African Development Bank (AfDB)
    The African Development Bank was established to promote economic development in African nations in 1964 when many of them became independent. It is owned and funded by member governments, including all of the independent African nations, as well as other 24 nations including Japan, the United States and Germany.

Contributing to Both Global Environmental Conservation And the Regional Growth of Africa

The Clean Energy Bonds, which Mizuho Securities started to sell to private investors in Japan on March 9, 2010, are bonds denominated in New Zealand dollars issued by the African Development Bank. An amount of money equivalent to the funds collected through the Clean Energy Bonds will be invested in clean energy-related projects with less environmental burden implemented by the African Development Bank. The Bank's investment attracts high expectations in the belief that it will play an important role in increasing local people's living standards through the supply of energy, improving the problems of poverty in Africa and encouraging the economic growth of Africa. Through the purchase of these bonds, investors will have an opportunity to contribute to both global environmental conservation and the regional growth of Africa.


The Clean Energy Bonds Ad


The funds procured through the bonds are invested in clean energy projects, including hydraulic power generation.

Proposing New Value to Customers through the SRI

In addition to reducing the environmental burden resulting from its business activities, Mizuho has placed value on making environmental contributions through its financial products and services.

Having launched the Clean Energy Bonds in Japan was one of those financial services. By selling these bonds, Mizuho supports the clean energy investments by the African Development Bank to conserve the global environment and improve the energy supply in Africa. Moreover, Mizuho intends to satisfy the zeal for SRI by Japanese private investors who are interested in environmental issues. The investors' interest in the Clean Energy Bonds during the advance solicitation period was high, which eventually increased the amount of issuing the bonds by 30% from the original plan to about JPY 7,000 million in total.

Manager's Comments

Proposing new value to customers by offering SRI opportunities

The Clean Energy Bonds became the first attempt for Mizuho to offer SRI opportunities in the form of publicly offered external bonds. We consider this to be a good opportunity for customers to discover new value not available through conventional financial instruments. We will continue to propose similar products to the market in an effort to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and create new business opportunities.


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