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Mizuho Eco–Cycle

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Promoting the Mizuho Eco–Cycle Initiative

Expanding the Cycle of Reducing CO2 Emissions to All of Society

We promote the Mizuho Eco–Cycle initiative by providing a series of environment–related financial products and services for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a Japanese system of emissions trading.

  • Mizuho's "Environmental Business Matching" facilitates a meeting between small or medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) interested in energy conservation and large companies with the expertise and technologies to deliver energy conservation.
  • The "Mizuho Eco–Assist" scheme supports SMEs' capital investment in energy–saving facilities by providing low–interest loans.
  • Mizuho's "Consulting on Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Foreign Countries" provides total support from the preparation of an emissions–reduction plan to the application for approval to trade emissions credits from CO2 reduction due to the implementation of environmental equipment.
  • Mizuho introduces large corporations to those companies with approved emissions credits to sell. Mizuho also plans to buy such credits itself and use them as environmentally conscious products and services for individual customers.

As described above, the Mizuho Eco–Cycle scheme refers to a series of environmental businesses that build a bridge among small, medium and large corporations and even individual customers. Through engagement in these efforts, Mizuho will expand the "Eco–Cycle" to reduce CO2 emissions throughout society.

Mizuho Eco–Cycle


Supporting Environmental Efforts from Various Aspects

Mizuho Bank provided a low–interest loan under the Mizuho Eco–Assist scheme to Nakanishi Linen Co., Ltd., a linen supplier, when it introduced energy–saving boilers.

Taking this opportunity, Nakanishi switched the fuel used at its cleaning factory from heavy oil to gas, which is estimated to reduce its CO2 emissions by 818 tons annually.

In addition to providing the loan, Mizuho Bank proposed and facilitated the use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by assisting in calculating the amount of emissions and introducing Nakanishi to potential buyers of its emissions credits.

In this way, the Mizuho Eco–Cycle provides multilateral support for customers' environmental approaches.

Customer's Voice

We utilized the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in our environmental approach.

When we were considering an update of our drying boilers, Mizuho Bank proposed the use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). With its support for the preparation of a plan to reduce CO2 emissions and introductions to potential buyers of emissions credits, we were able to apply for the use of this system. This helped enhance the corporate image of Nakanishi as an environmentally conscious enterprise. We will continue to address an extensive range of environmental measures.


Mr. Yasuaki Nakanishi President Nakanishi Linen Co., Ltd.

Manager's Comments

We provide support for customers to tackle managerial tasks in terms of the environment

Mizuho Bank provides active support for customers engaging in environmental measures by introducing them to companies that offer extensive environmental solutions and proposing the use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). We will continue to help our customers solve managerial issues in terms of the environment.


Tomoyuki Matsunaga Manager, Business Marketing Team, Business Solution Division Mizuho Bank

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