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CSR Report 2006

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Selected Pages

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Cover, Business Overview, Editorial Policy, Contents (PDF/194KB)PDF
Top Commitment (PDF/91KB)PDF
Special Section
  • Finance and CSR
  • Financial Education
  • Finance that Shapes a Better Future
Governance & Management
  • Mizuho's CSR
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Mizuho's Stakeholders
Economic Report
  • Mizuho's Economic Performance
Social Report
  • Relationship with Customers
  • Relationship with Shareholders and Investors
  • Relationship with Employees
  • Relationship with Local Communities
Environmental Report
  • Environmental Policies and Structures
  • Environment-related Initiatives in Core Business Activities
  • Environment-related Initiatives in Business Operations
  • Expectations for Mizuho's CSR Activities
GRI Content Index (PDF/49KB)PDF
Third-Party Opinion (PDF/237KB)PDF

Branches (Japan)

Branches (International)

Integrated Report

CSR Management

Fostering Industries with the Aim of Generating Business Opportunities

Corporate Information

Group Companies

Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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