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CSR Promotion Structure

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CSR Promotion Structure

In order for Mizuho to promote CSR in a unified manner, Mizuho Financial Group, the holding company, assumes the role of promoting CSR activities of the entire group. The President and CEO of MHFG oversees initiatives for the CSR activities of the entire group, and, internally, MHFG has established the CSR Committee (a Business Policy Committee), which deliberates on general matters concerning CSR, prepares policies for CSR initiatives, supervises the policy initiatives and results of group companies, monitors progress toward objectives, and performs other functions.

In addition to ensuring that CSR policies and measures permeate the 10 core group companies, the CSR Promotion Department which is responsible for the operational functions of the CSR Committee, plans and formulates CSR initiatives, makes suggestions to related divisions and departments regarding those initiatives, manages the progress of plans for the initiatives, collects CSR information, and disseminates information to parties both inside and outside the Group.

Based on the Group CSR activity policy and consideration of its own business strategy, each core group company drafts its own CSR activity policy and undertakes management measures to monitor and promote progress in the implementation of that policy. The results of each company’s efforts are reported to the MHFG. Principal core group companies—including MHBK , MHTB, and MHSC —have established CSR committees (committees tasked with drafting management policies), and these committees undertake discussions and deliberations regarding the policies and other initiatives of the relevant company.

In these ways, Mizuho has established PDCA–cycle–based management systems for the CSR activities of each group company as well as the entire group.

When undertaking CSR activities, emphasis is given to communications with stakeholders and, besides relations with stakeholders in connection with day–to–day operations, additional dialog with stakeholders and other initiatives are taken to enable the continual receipt of feedback from outside the Group as a means of facilitating efforts to improve CSR activities. Furthermore, to ensure that all staff members are fully aware of group policies and measures deliberated by the CSR Committee and to share information and exchange opinions among Mizuho group companies, liaison meetings for the CSR promotion personnel of the 10 core group companies are held on a regular basis.

CSR Promotion Structure
  • *1Core group companies: Mizuho Bank (MHBK), Mizuho Trust & Banking (MHTB), Mizuho Securities (MHSC), Trust & Custody Services Bank (TCSB), Mizuho Asset Management (MHAM), DIAM (DIAM), Mizuho Research Institute (MHRI), Mizuho Information & Research Institute (MHIR), and Mizuho Private Wealth Management(MHPW
  • *2MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC have each established a CSR committee.

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