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China (Mizuho Volunteer Day)

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  • Wuhan: Whitewashed prune trees in Mt. Ma'anshan National Forest Park.
  • Beijing: Held a mini–auction in order to buy some equipment for the welfare facility.
  • Dalian: Visited a nursing home and donated, and donated books etc. to people in Tibet.
  • Shenzhen: Gave a lecture/demonstration on how to protect oneself from dengue fever.
  • Suzhou: Cleaned up the main roads in Yutan Park.
  • Wuxi: Cleaned up Haitian Forest Park and enjoyed recreational activities.
  • Shanghai: Assisted disabled children in collecting rubbish at the beach.
  • Guangzhou: Donated books to a rural primary school.
  • Qingdao: Picked up rubbish along the coastline.
  • Tianjin: Cleaned up garbage near Lake Taihu.
  • Hefei: Picked up trash off the street near Baohe Park.









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