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Social Contributions in Japan

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At both the group and branch levels, Mizuho works with partners like local governments and NPOs to improve local communities because we see contributing to local communities as one of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

We also actively support and have put in place systems, like volunteer days off, to promote volunteerism by our employees.

Social Contributions in Japan in FY2014

Participated in a charity walk event sponsored by the Japan Association for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)


On May 18, 2014, around 200 Mizuho employees and their families took part in the charity walk " Walk the World" sponsored by the United Nations WFP society and held in Yokohama Minato Mirai. A part of the registration fee was contributed to the WFP school meal program for eradicating starvation among the children of the world.

Activities in FY2014
Apr 6, 2014


Mizuho personnel who participated in the PARACUP2014 charity marathon that was held along the banks of the Tamagawa River in Kawasaki City. (MHSC)

May 18, 2014


Mizuho employees joined in the "Spring Keio Clean Campaign" which is sponsored by the Keio Corporation (Railway). (MHSC Tachikawa Branch)

May 25, 2014


Mizuho employees participated in the "Spring Zero Litter Movement" sponsored by the Nagano Chamber of Commerce. (MHBK Nagano Branch, MHSC Nagano Branch)

Jun 10, 2014


Employees collected about 100 books and donated them to three regional child welfare facilities. (MHBK Higashi Oume Branch)

Jun 28, 2014


Cleanup activities in Kyoto's Shijodori area (MHBK Kyoto Branch)

Jan 18, 2015


Mizuho volunteers participated in and helped manage the Kashiwa City People's Spring Marathon. (MHBK Kashiwa Branch, MHTB Kashiwa Branch, MHSC Kashiwa Branch)


Mizuho volunteers participated in and helped manage the Kita Kyushu Marathon. (MHBK Kita Kyushu Branch, Yawata Branch, MHTB Kita Kushu Branch, MHSC Kita Kushu Branch)

Feb 28, 2015


Employees participated in an event held in the Hamarikyu Detached Palace Park for experiencing the removal of winter covers from the trees and making Japanese confectionaries. (MHTB, TCSB)

Mar 5, 2015


Cleanup activities in the Nakameguro area (MHIR, MHBK Nakameguro Branch)

Mar 13, 2015


Mizuho participants in the Huis Ten Bosch cleanup project (MHSC Sasebo Branch)

Mar 21, 2015


Mizuho volunteers participated in the Fifth Yodogawa International Charity Half Marathon. (MHSC)

Mar 29, 2015


Mizuho volunteers participated in and helped manage the Nerima Kobushi Half Marathon. (MHBK Nerima Fujimidai Branch)

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