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Contributions to Global Society

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Sponsored the TOMODACHI Initiative

In February, 2014, MHFG announced Mizuho's sponsorship of the TOMODACHI Initiative, a public–private partnership led by the US Government and a non–profit organization, the US–Japan Council, that seeks to foster the next generation of young Japanese and American leaders.

As a sponsor, MHFG will contribute to the TOMODACHI Initiative through the US–Japan Council and will support several specific programs.


Participated in the TABLE FOR TWO Program

MHFG participated in the TABLE FOR TWO Program, which addresses the issues of starvation in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle related diseases in developed countries. For each healthy product purchased from a company vending machine, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the school lunches of students in developing countries through TABLE FOR TWO.

Photo: A participating vending machine

A participating vending machine

Donation of a Portion of the Trust Fees for Investment Trusts to Activities for Improving Infrastructure in Developing Countries

MHSC donates a portion of the trust fees for stock investment trusts to organization that is engaged in improving the infrastructure of developing countries.

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