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Systems and Structure, Training, and Other Activities Aimed at Raising Human Rights Awareness

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Establishing the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Committee

Mizuho established the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Committee and is actively working to raise the awareness of all employees toward human rights as an important management issue. In addition to determining the basic policy toward human rights awareness and promotion, the Committee deliberates on the format and content of employee training in line with internal issues, sets group–wide training themes for each fiscal year, and engages in efforts that help nurture a corporate culture that reflects a respect for human rights.

Looking at the structure of human rights awareness and promotion, the deputy president serves as Committee chairperson. General managers responsible for human rights awareness and promotion are appointed to all divisions and offices and supported by deputy general managers. Through this structure, every effort is made to engage in detailed promotion and training.

Human Rights Awareness Training and Promotion Organizational Structure

Implementing a Variety of Human Rights Awareness Training Sessions

All group employees participate in an annual human rights awareness worksite training. Each session is an opportunity for employees to learn about and reflect on human rights. Among a variety of initiatives, training sessions and workshops are held for directors as well as division, office, and branch managers, human rights awareness and promotion officers, workplace personnel, and staff appointed to new positions.

Group companies can choose from several principal training themes, including discrimination on the basis of nationality, gender, or handicaps; issues relating to social integration, and harassment in view of social trends.

In addition, Mizuho periodically participates in fieldwork and workshops held by the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Tokyo, to identify trends in human rights issues and learn about practical matters related to such issues in Japanese companies, and then applied to its human rights initiatives.

Fiscal 2014 Training Session Attendance in MHFG and MHBK
Site Type of Training Scope of Participation No. of Participants
Japan Workplace training All full– and part–time staff 70,327*1
Director, division, office, and branch manager training All directors as well as division, office, and branch managers 682
Human rights awareness and promotion officer training All division, office, and branch human rights awareness and promotion officers 572
Training for staff appointed to new positions All staff newly appointed to managerial positions (by position) 483
Newly hired employees All newly hired employees 1,103*2
Overseas Overseas base compliance training All employees working at overseas bases 7,538
  • *1MHFG, MHBK/MHTB/MHSC and their subsidiaries, Trust & Custody Services Bank (TCSB), Mizuho Asset Management (MHAM), DIAM, Mizuho Research Institute (MHRI), Mizuho Information & Research Institute (MHIR), and Mizuho Private Wealth Management (MHPW)
  • *2Joint session conducted by MHFG

Other Human Rights Awareness Activities

Mizuho publishes a human rights leaflet "Jinken no Tobira" for the benefit of all group employees around four to five times each year. This leaflet is intended to trigger increased employee awareness toward a variety of human rights issues. In addition, Mizuho has included an annual column "Jinken no Hiroba" in its in–house corporate communications magazine. This column introduces specific human rights activities and other pertinent information.

Steps have also been taken to set up an online learning tool that can be accessed by employees from their homes. Contents of a variety of human rights issues are posted to this website to help employees in their self–development activities.

Furthermore, Mizuho calls for employees to submit catchphrases on an annual basis in a bid to enhance human rights awareness. Looking at the response from all group companies, over 40,000 phrases are submitted each year. Apart from awards presented to excellent entries from within the group, the most outstanding entry is submitted to external organizations, including the Japanese Bankers Association, for consideration.


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