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Resolving Grievances and Other Initiatives

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Measures Aimed at Resolving Grievances and Establishing a Consultation System

Mechanisms for Obtaining Customer Feedback

Mizuho has taken steps to establish a wide range of consultation systems that allow customers to comment on the group's activities, products, and services and to submit their concerns. In addition to comment cards placed at each branch, customers can voice their opinions through call centers, designated telephone lines, and websites. In this manner, every effort is being made to put in place a response structure that is easy to accessible.

Establishing a Consultation System

To address in–house issues, Mizuho has established a compliance hotline and harassment consultation service as well as other avenues, including an employee consultation office. Through these means, every effort is being taken to establish a system that maintains impartiality while protecting the rights of employees when addressing concerns or responding to complaints.

Other Human Rights Initiatives

Initiatives to Become "Barrier–Free"

Mizuho has been promoting the Heartful Project with a view to becoming a bank that is easy for anyone to use regardless of age, gender or disability. In moving this project forward, we are focusing on improvements that mitigate any sense of inconvenience or dissatisfaction that customers may feel in three key areas: facility–related initiatives covering branches, facilities and equipment; service–related initiatives covering customer forms and documents and Internet content; and psychological initiatives involving education and training to improve customer relation skills.

In addition, MHBK is taking this initiatives to the next level by developing its "Heartful Business".

Creating Fulfilling Workplaces

With a high regard for our corporate culture that respect diversity and the differences of each employee, we will continue efforts to create a better worksite where every employee is encouraged to work with high morale and a positive mind–set.

Contribution to Local Communities that Utilizes the Management Resources of Our Core Business: Financial Education

Mizuho advocated support for financial education to foster children's capacity to live, in Japan and overseas, as social contribution that utilize the management resources of our core business.

Contributing to Each Region through Volunteer Activities

Mizuho Volunteer Day is an annual event aimed at group employees as well as family members and friends. Among a host of activities, volunteers provide support at nursing and child care facilities while also assisting children with disabilities.

Branches (Japan)

Branches (International)

Integrated Report

CSR Management

Fostering Industries with the Aim of Generating Business Opportunities

Corporate Information

Group Companies

Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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