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Environmental Enlightenment for Employees in FY2010

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Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration

In fiscal 2010, 28,490 employees pledged participation in biodiversity conservation activities through the Mizuho's Eco–Action Declaration.

As a result, Mizuho donated 1,424 seedlings in total to the greenery promotion areas including the Umi–no–mori (Sea Forest) project and through group company branches to local schools and facilities.

List of Donation Destinations

Seedling Donations through Mizuho
Destinations Summary Photo
The Nagoya West Forest, Aichi 500 seedlings donation to a tree–planting project sponsored by the city of Nagoya in the Todagawa Greenery Area of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Photo
Umi–no–mori (Sea Forest), Tokyo 500 seedlings donation to an environmental project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to create a forest on trash landfill in Tokyo Bay, to try to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the heat island effect in central metropolitan areas. Photo
Miyakejima island, Tokyo A tree–planting project on Tokyo's Miyakejima, an island where a volcanic eruption destroyed much of the greenery. 294 seedling donations are made through Engei Agri Center, an NPO. Photo
Seedling Donations through Divisions and Branches
Destinations Division/Department and/or Branch as Donators
Nerima recycle Center, Tokyo MHBK Nerima–fujimidai Branch, Ekoda Branch, Sakuradai Branch, Shakujii Branch, Oizumi Branch
Fujinoki kindergarten MHSC Toyama Branch
Komae Dai–ichi Junior high school, Tokyo MHBK Komae Branch
Fuchu Nature Park, Toyama City MHBK Toyama Branch, MHCB Toyama Corporate Banking Division, MHTB Toyama Branch
Kobe college of Medical Welfare MHSC Private Banking Department.
Iguchi elementary school, Akebono Freai Park Suigen–no–mori (Akebono water source forest Park), Mitaka city, Tokyo MHBK Mitaka Branch
Nakaneshima nursery school, Adachi Ward, Tokyo TCSB Life Insurance Company Asset Trust Department
Eleven high schools in Nakano, Tokyo MHBK Nakano Branch, Numabukuro Branch, Nakano–sakaue Branch, Nakano–kitaguchi Branch, Saginuma Branch
Kitayamato elementary school, Kanagawa MHSC Corporate Business Planning Department
Atsugi Dai–ni elementary school,Kanagawa MHBK Atsugi Branch
Elementary schools and Junior high schools in Shibuya Ward,Tokyo MHBK Shibuya Branch
Izumi elementary school,Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo MHSC Legal & Compliance Division
Tokorozawa Bunka kindergarten MHBK Tokorozawa Branch
Komatsu Municipal Hospital,Ishikawa MHBK Kanazawa Branch
Yokohama City Municipal Integrated School Nishikanazawa Elementary/ Junior High School,Kanagawa MHSC Hachioji Branch
*Hattori Ryokuti Park, along Route 308 in Osaka MHBK Osaka Municipal Division, Business Promotion Division or Employees of Corporate Customers, West Japan Office, Osaka Branch, Abenobashi Branch, Kujyo Branch
MHCB Osaka Corporate Banking Division No1, No2, Osaka International Trade Business Operations Department, Kansai Financial Institutions Division, Osaka International Trade Business Promotion Department
MHTB Osaka Branch
MHIR Kansai Branch
MHIS Osaka Branch
Hachijo Town Hospital, Hachijo Town, Tokyo MHBK Hamamatsucho Branch
  1. *Supported Osaka Prefecture's "Osaka Green Promotion Plan."

Volunteers for Forestry Activities

As part of Mizuho's tree seedling donation program under its Eco–Action Declaration, 88 Mizuho employees and their families volunteered to plant trees for Tokyo's Umi–no–mori, Sea Forest project, as did 96 employees and family members for the Nagoya West Forest project. Mizuho employees have also been taking part in Tokyo Greenship Action, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government forest management program, thinning trees and clearing underbrush to do their part in preventing global warming and helping preserve biodiversity.


Tree–planting activities at Umi–no–mori, Sea Forest In Tokyo


Tree–planting activities at Nagoya West Forest


Forest Conservation Voluntary Activities in Oume–Kaminarik

IKIMONO–MIKKE, Biodiversity Observation by One Million People

IKIMONO–MIKKE is a citizen participation program which the Biodiversity Center of Japan of the Ministry of the Environment organizes in the form of a survey that will document the impacts of global warming and other natural phenomenon on plants and animals, and that can be found by people in their own local areas.

Deepening the understanding of the Biodiversity through the Initiatives as IKIMONO–MIKKE

Through July and August 2010, 120 Mizuho employees and their families took part in the program and registered about 1,200 items.

IKIMONO–MIKKE Nature–observation tour

On August 7, 2010, 53 Mizuho employees and their families took part in the Nature–observation tour in the Shinjuku Imperial Garden (Tokyo) in cooperation with The Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS–J). Through this tour, participants enjoyed the study and observation of each creature and their ecosystems within the park with the coaching of NACS–J.


Nature–observation tour

Web–Based Environmental Household Bookkeeping System

The households of 317 employees participated in the Web–Based Environmental Household Accounting System. They monitored their household energy–saving activities from July to September 2010 by entering their monthly energy consumption in "Ecocho," a Web–based environmental account book issued by the Ministry of the Environment.

Positive feedback was received from the participating employees, for example, "Awareness of the environment has been increased in my family" and "Our utility charges have decreased due to the change in electricity/water–saving behavior in our family."


A family that participated in the Web–Based Environmental Household Bookkeeping System

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