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Mizuho has issued Policies for Environmental Initiatives to ensure that we undertake our environmental initiatives uniformly.

Under its CSR promotion structure, the Mizuho Group promotes consistent and comprehensive environmental initiatives.

Policies for Environmental Initiatives

  • The Mizuho Financial Group believes that environmental initiatives are an essential element for both our subsistence and business activities as well as recognizes this as both a risk and an opportunity. As a global financial group, we contribute to the sustainable development of society by undertaking environmental initiatives voluntarily and proactively while taking in perspective a precautionary approach. These include addressing climate change issues, building a low–carbon society, promoting the sound material–cycle society, and preserving biodiversity and other issues.
  • Mizuho is aware that collaboration with various stakeholders is important in creating a sustainable society and, therefore, encourages appropriate collaboration and cooperation.
  • Mizuho proactively discloses information regarding our corporate stance toward environmental initiatives and our actual activities. In addition, Mizuho will continue to improve these initiatives, by encouraging close communication with society through dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that our corporate activities conform to social standards and expectations.

Specific Initiatives

  1. Drawing on its knowledge as a global financial group, Mizuho will develop and offer financial products and services that encourage society to promote environmental considerations.
  2. Mizuho will comply with environmental laws and regulations.
  3. Mizuho will take initiatives to reduce the use of resources and energy, and manage waste disposal in our business activities.
  4. Mizuho will provide support to environmental initiatives of our customers and environmental protection groups.
  5. Mizuho will provide support to activities that increase environmental awareness and environmental initiatives of our management and employees.
  6. Mizuho will collaborate and cooperate with a diverse range of stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, competitors, local communities, and government organizations and will encourage environmental considerations to our value chain through our business activities.

Priority Initiative

  • In our responsibilities and roles as a global financial group, Mizuho will undertake initiatives to promote environmental considerations in society.


  • Mizuho Financial Group will actively promote our initiatives and that of our main subsidiaries.
  • Mizuho will set targets to reduce its environmental impact, reviews these periodically, and continues to make improvements.

Environmental Targets

Environmental Burden Reduction Targets FY2015
CO2 CO2 emissions basic unit* (CO2 emissions / total floor area)
– Long–term target: Reduce by 19.0% as of FY2030 compared to FY2009
– Medium–term target: Reduce by 10.5% as of FY2020 compared to FY2009
  • *Stemming from electricity usage in the domestic facilities of the Mizuho Financial Group and Core Group companies
Paper Green purchasing ratio for paper of 85% or more at 10 group companies 99.8%
Paper Recycling Ratio target of 95% or more in FY2020 at major domestic offices 94.7%

Initiatives for Improving Environmental Consciousness

Initiatives for improving environmental Consciousness, which Mizuho Group in all has been concentrating on.


Mizuho's initiatives to protect and conserve biodiversity are explained.

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