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Consulting on Environmental Management

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Environmental awareness has been increasing among the general public around the world as many countries implement and strengthen environmental regulations. In view of these developments, soundness and effectiveness of environmental management is now a crucial factor that may affect corporate evaluation. Moreover, as businesses go global and the complexity of their activities increases, the scope of environmental management is no longer confined to the reporting company and its own operations but extends to include group subsidiaries and business partners in their supply chains.

Now that the environment–related and energy sector are seen as areas of growth in Japan and abroad, improving the environmental performance of their products and services is a must for many companies.

In recent years, there has been a deepening trend for many investment funds and institutional investors, primarily in Europe and the United States, to place an emphasis on the standard of management of each company's environmental risks and opportunities as an indicator to determine a company's long–term sustainability and growth.

Responding to these changing circumstances, some cutting–edge companies actively disclose environmental risk information, publicize environmental performance of their products and services, and put forth their future–oriented environmental vision, in an effort to promote the potential and sustainability of their businesses.

MHIR provides a range of solutions to help companies put environmental management into practice, from information provision to consulting.

Overall Outline of Approaches to the Formulation of an Environmental Vision and Planning for Environmental Management

Consulting Service to Assist Companies with the Formulation of Countermeasures to Global Warming

Companies are now being required to conduct environmental management that combines an environmental strategy that realizes growth from business opportunities with effective risk policies that do not create impediments to growth.

MHIR assists customers with the formulation of their environmental vision and medium–term environmental management plans by helping them to understand trends in regulations in Japan and overseas as well as providing examples of initiatives being taken by other companies as these may affect environmental management and preparing positioning analyses. MHIR also offers support for environmental management in various ways, including a service called "GHG Solutions" that provides information on global warming countermeasures and environmental management.

Consulting Service to Assist Customers with the Formulation of CSR and Environmental Communications Strategies

Many corporations are disclosing information to a wide range of stakeholders by issuing CSR reports and reports on social and environmental issues. In addition, interest in this information among investors has risen. In the current situation, however, many such communications are one–way, and the information does not meet the needs of stakeholders, thus resulting in insufficient managerial benefits.

Based on such a situation, MHIR supports customers' formulation of CSR and environmental communications strategies via a situational analysis service and a strategy formulation service. The situation analysis service helps identify and classify issues by clarifying purposes, targets, and the current situation. The strategy formulation service helps analyze the gap between stakeholders' interests/recognition and customers' targets.

MHIR follows and understands clearly the trend toward "integrated reporting," and is able to provide support for environmental, societal, and governance reporting based on a variety of reporting frameworks and ISO26000.

Consulting for the Construction and Management of Eco Value Chains

With the tightening of environmental regulations and provision of more incentives to companies in many countries, investors are focusing more and more on such factors as whether supply chains or value chains of a company are sufficiently robust to cope with regulatory risks and whether they are successful in creating a new value to turn incentives into opportunities. Though burdensome for companies on the one hand, these developments can be major opportunities for such companies that adept at supply chain management and companies that provide environmental–friendly products and services to enhance their corporate images.

Oftentimes environmental initiatives within a company are conducted separately within the corporate functions of product development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales. MHIR, by linking such separate endeavors interactively, supports the re–establishment of a value chain that boosts the environmental value of the entire company. An "eco value chain" of this kind makes it possible to respond to environmental risks in the supply chain in an appropriate manner, discover new environmental values, and develop inter–divisional connections to enable companies to develop, produce and supply products and services that add new value.

MHIR also provides supports for effective responses to "Scope 3" standards, the emerging standards for calculating and reporting GHG emissions from entire supply chains/value chains, that range from providing the latest, detailed information to a wide range of other services, including performing Scope 3 calculations on behalf of customers.

Consulting on Visualizing CO2 Emissions

As environmental awareness has increased, consumers have become more likely to make product choices based on environmental considerations in addition to quality and price factors. Given this trend, more companies have been emphasizing environmental performance in product development, making efforts to clarify the environmental impact such as CO2 emissions of their products, and utilizing the results to improve processes and provide information to consumers. From an early stage, MHIR has prepared life–cycle assessment (LCA) studies and Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP), which are representative of approaches to promote the visualization of CO2 emissions. We provide consulting for clients and support them in clarifying CO2 by utilizing the wealth of data and expertise that MHIR has accumulated.

Consulting on Chemical Substance Management

Considering the recent tightening of chemical regulations, stricter chemical management used for economic activities will be needed in order to be able to respond to possible regulations in the future as well.

In the globalization of business activities, the impact of overseas chemical regulations on domestic companies is significant. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor current legal restrictions.

MHIR provides consulting services for

  • Surveys on the trends of overseas and domestic regulations,
  • Supporting the hazard and exposure assessment of individual chemical substance,
  • Information gathering of chemical safety and supporting of constructing IT database–system,
  • Consulting on information transfer of chemical–in–products.

In addition, we offer information services through the free e–mail magazine "Chemi Maga," which provides chemical management information, both from Japan and overseas, on the latest topics, gathered from websites and press releases, domestic information on the progress being made in chemical management, as well as press releases.

Consulting on Environmental Training/Education

In company management where the necessity of efforts toward a sustainable environment continues to rise, human resource development in the environmental field has become more important and indispensable than ever.

In response to requests from customers, MHIR fully supports environmental human resource development, from suggestions for and the development of environment–related training programs aimed at human resource education to the dispatch of lecturers.

Environmental Business Matching


Since fiscal 2007, MHBK has been engaged in business matching (introducing customers to each other) under the theme of environmental measures.

MHBK collaborates with corporate customers providing environment–related products and services to offer effective solutions to other customers interested in environment– and energy–related initiatives. In response to the rising level of society's needs, MHBK also undertakes business matching related to the creation of solar power–generating facilities that make use of the renewable energy fixed feed–in tariff system, and the support for efforts to reduce electric power procurement expenses.

Under such themes as the environmental/energy countermeasures theme, MHBK organizes events that offer customers opportunities to discuss business projects with prospective partners.

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