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Consulting on Energy and Resources

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Based on its cutting–edge research, and wealth of knowledge and expertise, in the field of energy and resources, MHIR provides information and consulting services on energy issues and energy–related industries.

In the field of renewable energy, for example, it performs a broad area of work ranging from studies of policies inside and outside Japan to the preparation of project plans, all for the purpose of promoting the optimal usage of solar power, biomass, wind power, and other energy sources. Also in the field of hydrogen energy, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) and energy efficiency, we use the results of R&D performed by research institutes throughout the world to evaluate technologies for practical application.

MHIR also performs studies of new energy technology markets across the globe, develops commercialization plans with special attention paid to regulatory trends, and offers a wide variety of other types of support aimed at turning cutting–edge energy technology into concrete businesses.

Field/Services to Address Customer Needs/Type of Services
Field Customer needs Variety of Services
  • Petroleum and natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy conservation
  • Alternative fuels
  • Metal resources
  • Know the policies of the Japanese government and overseas countries and grasp future trends
  • Introduce strategies to turn generated energy into businesses
  • Understand the direction of R&D activities
  • Introductions of IR strategy
  • Offer information to member clients (multiple services for clients)
  • Semicustom report compilation
  • Consulting
  • Surveys and Research

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Branches (International)

Integrated Report

CSR Management

Fostering Industries with the Aim of Generating Business Opportunities

Corporate Information

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