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Consulting on Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Foreign Countries

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In the carbon–constrained world, companies have made reducing greenhouse gas emissions an important management priority and are formulating concrete reduction plans. Application of low–carbon technologies owned by Japanese companies contributes to their business development in foreign countries. For those purposes, it is efficient way to utilize "carbon credits*1" that is equivalent to greenhouse gas reductions in foreign countries.

Mizuho has been involved in carbon credit–related business from very early on and has accumulated the requisite knowledge and expertise. In October 2006, we set up an emissions trade between a Chinese wind power project and Tokyo Electric Power, which was the first emissions credit transaction approved by both the Japanese and Chinese governments. Currently, we provide total support for emissions trading through coordination among group companies. Our services include finding projects that generate emissions credits, conducting advance research to verify commercialization potential, emission credit applications and issuance.

We have also started focusing on the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)*2 as a new framework under the government's Post–Kyoto mechanism. Using our wealth of experience and know–how, we are now supporting to utilize JCM scheme for companies' business development in foreign countries and the Japanese government's effort to build that system.

  • *1Carbon credit: A mechanism to make greenhouse gas reductions approved by the international guidelines and to offset greenhouse gas emissions to comply a target. Emissions trading involves countries and companies buying and selling carbon credits.
  • *2Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM): A mechanism under which Japan would recognize for its own account CO2 emissions reductions on the basis of bilateral agreements achieved through the diffusion of Japanese low–carbon technologies and products. If this system is constructed, it would secure emissions credits through the sales of Japanese technologies and products, as opposed to existing systems in which emissions credits are purchased from overseas sources.
JCM:Joint Crediting Mechanism

Providing Consulting on Utilizing Carbon Credit

MHIR offers comprehensive consulting services that include providing information on projects around the world that generate emissions credits to clients considering to make use of carbon credit and helping in project evaluations and procedures based on the policies and measures of the host country's government.

Mizuho's Results in FY2014
Project Business entity
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry JCM F/S to introduce photovoltaic power generation and gas–fired combined power generation facilities in Saudi Arabia Consortium including MHBK and Mizuho Saudi Arabia
Global Environment Centre Foundation 40MW–scale Hydro Power Generation in Lao Cai province Consortium including MHBK
Ministry of the Environment Entrusted with business in support of fiscal 2013, JCM large–scale feasibility study projects for low–carbon society development in Asia Consortium including MHIR

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