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Human Resources System and Training for Employees

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Aiming to Bring About Synergies in the MHFG

Regarding employees, we seek to create groups of professionals who are each able to speedily make use of specialized capabilities in line with needs associated the business models of individual group companies. To enhance human synergies within the Group, we have established a system of common basic compensation. In addition to personnel transfers across MHBK, MHTB, MHSC, and other group companies, we also proactively using programs for training and seconding personnel and transferring personnel hired outside of Japan ("National Staff", hereinafter NS) to the Head Office as a means of fostering employee development on a group–wide and global scale. We can, therefore, manage personnel flexibly and quickly to make assignments strategically to meet the strategic needs of the Group's various businesses.

Introduce a Human Resources Education System That Helps Strengthen the Specialties of Individuals

According to each employee's specialty and skill set, as well as his/her approach to lifestyle and career, employees are classified into administrative staff, general affairs staff, employees under contract as a professional and temporary employees, etc., each with different job descriptions, duties, and compensation structures. Various schemes are in place to support human resource development for each category and strengthen employee specialties.

Among these employees, the administrative staff is further categorized into four categories.

Four Categories of Administrative Staff

  • Senior Level
    Senior level exercise outstanding expert knowledge and skills, creativity, and planning capabilities and form the core of the Group's human resources. Senior level may follow one of two paths; either an open career path in which they will take on assignments in various areas or a division career path in which they focus their attention on a certain field and associated work.
  • Core Personnel (General)
    Core personnel (General) exercise above–average expert knowledge and skills, creativity, and planning capabilities in taking on assignments in various areas, and are positioned below Senior Level.
  • Core Personnel (Specialist)
    Core personnel (Specialist) exercise above–average expert knowledge and skills, creativity, and planning capabilities in taking on assignments in which they focus their attention on a certain field and associated work and are positioned below Senior Level.
  • Specialized Personnel
    Perform seasoned skills and practical capabilities based on ample experience and knowledge in a particular field.
Basic Data on Employees
Table: Basic Data on Employees
  • (Note)The table above reflects the status of the human resources system at the end of March. Figures do not include employees for whom March 31 was the final day of employment at Mizuho.
  • (Note)Data collected from MHFG (including employees on loan (seconded) to MHSC), MHBK, MHTB and MHIR.

Fair Evaluations Reflecting Job Content and Performance

To fully compensate employees for their contributions, a performance–based evaluation system has been adopted and employees are evaluated fairly based on the content of their jobs and on their performance. Under this system, all employees participate in meetings with their direct supervisors and candidly discuss matters such as job–related issues and future objectives. Evaluation results are reflected in bonuses, salary adjustments, and retirement bonuses. In considering contributions and performance over the medium– to long–term, we are striving to maintain and improve employee motivation.

Comprehensive Training Environment

Mizuho has specified that one of the objectives of its Vision for Human Resources is "personal development of individual employees contribute to the stable and sustainable growth of Mizuho as a whole." One of the most important measures is, therefore, to conduct training that "encourages employees to utilize their strengths and provides opportunities for them to use their skills and develop their abilities." In its education and training systems, in addition to holding joint training related to banking, securities, and trust banking for newly hired personnel, Mizuho has introduced "Career Design Training" that is conducted to encourage employees to think about building a career based on experience gained through the Group early in their careers. Also, "New Management Training" (M's CIRCUIT) is held to prompt mid–career employees who have recently been assigned to management positions to develop a new awareness as people who will soon be leading Mizuho. These and many other training courses are offered to foster an even stronger sense of group unity and group teamwork. In addition, as a way of promoting self–development, Mizuho is making more effort than ever before to support employee self–development across the entire Group. For example, Mizuho has developed its "Mizuho e–campus," an education portal site that employees can also use at home.

  • *Created for all newly hired personnel of MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC, the program was attended by some 1,460 personnel in fiscal 2014.
Groupwide Common Training
Image: Mizuho's Training System

Formulation of the Mizuho University Program

The Mizuho University Program is an "intra–company university" that offers highly advanced content created from external resources. Access to the Mizuho University Program is offered to employees from throughout the Group.

  • Mizuho Advanced Management Program (AMP)
    This program is a combination of lectures on corporate management for employees to acquire related knowledge and group discussions under the theme "Mizuho." Six–hundred personnel have participated since the program was launched in fiscal 2002.
  • Mizuho Program for Management Development (PMD)
    This program is a combination of lectures that integrate the themes and content taught in the coursework to acquire a Master of Business Administration (MBA), case studies and group discussion to formulate business strategies. Six–hundred personnel have participated since the program was launched in fiscal 2002.
  • Mizuho College
    Mizuho College is a program that effectively combines lectures with group discussion and case studies to promote development of skills, abilities and expertise in a wide range of areas, from business skills to formal certification and global performance. Mizuho College coursework was conducted 70 times and attended by 2,300 personnel in fiscal 2014.
  • Mizuho Knowledge Forum
    This forum helps participants acquire the knowledge, wisdom and judgment to survive in the age of change. The forum was held four times and attended by 1,450 personnel in fiscal 2014.
  • Overseas Education System for personnel selected from among applicants
    An overseas education system is available that provides opportunities to acquire a MBA or a Master of Laws (LL.M.) at graduate schools of overseas universities for personnel selected from among applicants with an aim to reinforce specialized expertise and international views.
  • Dispatching System
    This system dispatches employees to graduate schools of universities and educational institutions inside and outside Japan with an aim to reinforce their specialized expertise in various fields.

Active Promotion of Young Employees and Support for Diverse Career Formation

To train younger employees and proactively assign them to positions, Mizuho has created a system for selecting branch general managers and younger manager based on applications. Other examples include the Job Application System for helping employees pursue careers and acquire greater expertise, the Rookie Career Design Program for employees early in their careers, the Career Design Workshop "My Story", Career Advancement Seminar "My Vision", Expert Program for supporting the career–building goals of ambitious specialized personnel, and Career Advisor Consulting System to provide career guidance and other support for younger employees.

Rookie Career Design Program

The Rookie Career Design Program helps young employees design careers with a medium– to long–term outlook. It does this by helping them to develop an awareness of career possibilities and the breadth of fields available, and then understand role expectations and skill and capability requirements.

System for Selecting Branch Managers from Applicants

In January 2003, we introduced a system to select branch office managers from among applicants to quickly nurture young employees and appoint them to higher–level positions.

Younger Manager Recruitment Program

The company instituted the Younger Manager Recruitment Program as of July 2013 to accommodate highly motivated younger employees, further vitalize the organization and strengthen frontline operations.

Job Application System

The purpose of this system is for employees to pursue their own career and to obtain increasingly highly specialized capabilities. Applications for various kinds of jobs at each Group company are accepted. Employees do not restrict their future progress to their current job field and can attempt the challenge of a new field if they so choose.

Career Advancement Seminar "My Vision"

The Career Advancement Seminar "My Vision" seeks to increase employee motivation to attain specialized positions and encourage personnel to develop expert–level capabilities. The seminar supports individual development by providing opportunities to deepen self–awareness and create a career plan for self–directed career development of Specialized Personnel.

Career Design Workshop "My Story"

The Career Design Workshop "My Story" is conducted for younger employees in specialized job categories to promote medium– and long–term career development and working formats in line with the values and situations of each of employee. At the workshop, participants reflect on their own basic principles and craft their own stories ("My Story") that include their ideal future and steps that can be taken to become the person they want to be. This serves to support the independent career development activities of specialized personnel.

Expert Program

The purpose of the "Expert Program" is to rapidly identify and provide career–development support to specialized personnel who have outstanding expert capabilities, are highly motivated, and have the potential for promotion to a management–level job. About 250 employees are selected to the Expert Program each year and are performing actively as experts.

Employees selected as experts are given more advanced "role expectations" and "objectives" for their workplace and a "practice site" along with workshops at each stage of development as part of the program's goal to assist personnel to develop their skills and rise above management–level positions. Mizuho is working on an organization–wide basis to nurture the development of administrative supervisors and specialized personnel in various areas to help them reach their full potential.

Career Advisor Consulting System

The Career Advisor Consulting System provides opportunities for employees to discuss matters related to changes in their personal living conditions due to social conditions, marriage, childbirth, parenting, or nursing care responsibilities and to receive guidance on career planning, such as creating a self–sustaining career and supporting the self–sustaining career of subordinates, from a medium– and long–term perspective. The system enables veteran employees with qualifications received outside of Mizuho to support the growth and development of employees on an individual basis.

No. of employees Completing the Branch Manager Recruitment Program/Completing the Job Recruiting Program (Person)
  FY2012 FY2013 FY2014
No. of employees completing the Branch Manager Recruitment Program 4 8 4
No. of employees completing the Younger Manager Recruitment Program 4 5
No. of employees completing the Job Recruiting Program 85 112 113

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