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Children's Summer School

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With the intent of supporting financial education and contributing to local communities, Mizuho has been running the Children's Summer School since 2011.

FY2013 Children's Summer School

In August 2013, MHBK, MHTB, and MHSC ran the Children's Summer School at 32 branches of MHBK. This year, 434 elementary school children participated and learned about finance through money and banking quiz games and experiencing the workplace, etc.


Children answering the quiz


Counting bank notes


Experiencing the weight of JPY 100 million worth of bank notes


Learning about the lobby


Learning about ATMs


Worksheet of the Children's Summer School

Voices of Children

  • Holding JPY 100 million was fun. (Fourth grade student)
  • I learned a whole bunch about money and banks. (Sixth grade student)
  • It was fun to say "irasshaimase [welcome]" and "arigato gozaimashita [Thank you]." (Fifth grade student)
  • Counting all the bills was really hard. I want to learn how to count them accurately and with good form. (Fifth grade student)
  • I liked seeing what was behind the safe–deposit boxes and ATMs. (Second grade student)
  • I learned that there was also money a long time ago. (Sixth grade student)
  • I learned a lot, so I'm going to use it for my summer independent research project. (Third grade student)

Voices of Employees

  • The children and parents really enjoyed it.
  • It was a good opportunity to have fun while learning about MHBK. I think it was really great to hold the event.
  • It's difficult for people to get a clear idea about what goes on inside a bank, and explaining what we do to elementary school students also helped us gain a new perspective on our work.
  • I think it is an excellent way for the bank to contribute to society.
  • I think many of us thought that we would have liked to participate if there was an event like this when we were kids. I want to host more of these events in the future.

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