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Case Study: Mizuho's Initiatives

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Mizuho's Initiative

We Provide Opportunities for Work Experience at Branches Nationwide for Students

As part of its educational contribution, Mizuho provides opportunities at its branches nationwide for students to experience actual work. In addition, based on the results of the joint research project, each group company's employees visit schools and teach finance in classes as guest instructors.

To address demand from the community for high–quality activities, Mizuho, at many of its branches nationwide, has compiled educational tools, including videos, for employees and used them since April 2009. The educational tools for employees summarize important points on accepting students for actual work experience, and the videos explain banks' functions.

Case Study: Mizuho's Initiatives in FY2013

Accepted Middle School Students for Work Experience


On October 9, 2013, the Tokyo Main Office Division of MHBK hosted a study visit by a group of students of Takada High School in Niigata prefecture.

The students were able to learn about the roles of banks and other matters through their observation of operations at customer service counters, and they also participated in a Q&A session with bank employees, during which they discussed the nature of work in a bank and how to choose a career path.

Teaching Finance in Class as Guest Instructors


Employees served as guest teachers for ninth graders (third–year middle school students) of Tamagawa Gakuen on October 24 and 25, 2013. The employees helped the students gain a better understanding of the work a bank does by having them make a bank decision about whether to provide financing to a fictitious company. After the students formed teams to discuss the matter and announced their decisions, the employees explained the important points that must be considered when lending money.

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