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Financial Education

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Basic Approach

With the use of electronic money and the like, cashless transactions in which people do not directly handle money in everyday life are becoming more common. At the same time, financial crimes such as billing fraud and fraudulent transactions are on the rise. In this situation, the need for "financial education" that again teaches children the role, the value, and the importance of money and that cultivates children's money sense and morality has been pointed out. Mizuho supports financial education at the elementary and secondary education level and the higher education level based on the belief that it is better to have a deep understanding of finance at a young age in order to live independently in an increasingly complex and globalized society, harnessing the Group's wide range of practical knowledge and know–how about finance nurtured through the provision of comprehensive financial services.

The Need for Financial Education

Against a social background that requires financial education, we introduce topics including the various meanings of financial education and the essence of the financial education that Mizuho is aiming to provide.

Activities in Elementary and Secondary Education

This section explains our joint research project with Tokyo Gakugei University, financial education–related support for teachers, and accepting elementary and secondary school students for work experience.

Overseas Activities

Mizuho's overseas Initiatives of the financial education in the Americans, Europe and Asian countries.

Branches (Japan)

Branches (International)

Integrated Report

CSR Management

Fostering Industries with the Aim of Generating Business Opportunities

Corporate Information

Group Companies

Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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