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Supporting the Recovery from the Disaster

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Mizuho continues to offer its combined group strengths to assist in rebuilding the lives of people afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake and reviving the industries and economies that have suffered as a result of the earthquake, as well as support the recovery of disaster–stricken areas, by setting up organizations specialized in promotion of these initiatives.

Support for Housing Reconstruction

MHBK offers Disaster Recovery Loans for Great East Japan Earthquake victims with a view to being useful to the recovery efforts of individual customers who were hit by the earthquake disaster. In addition, it supports the reconstruction of homes in the disaster-stricken areas through initiatives such as providing funds for land readjustment projects aimed at supplying housing in these areas.

Support for Reviving Corporations and Industries

In order to help the disaster reconstruction efforts of corporate customers who have suffered damage from the disaster, Mizuho is facilitating financing by offering Disaster Relief Support Funding and various policy loans provided by public institutions. It also established the Mizuho Tohoku Industry Development Fund to provide equity–related capital, with the aim of contributing to the recovery and medium– to long–term growth of the Tohoku region. Through this fund, it provides capital in such forms as share acquisitions and underwriting of subordinated bonds. The JPY 1 billion provided from this fund for replacement of facilities of Joban Kosan, which operates the Spa Resort Hawaiians hot springs park in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, was fully repaid in September 2013, and the recovery has been moving forward thus far.

Creating Employment

Mizuho is providing support for producers and companies involved in promoting the sixth industry approach to revitalize agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries. It has invested in two additional sub–funds, the Fukushima Regional Sixth Industry Recovery Fund and the Tohoku Future Assistance Fund. In February 2014, the Tohoku Future Assistance Fund supplied building funds for a frozen food processing company in Fukaura–machi, Aomori Prefecture. This fund is also supplying funds to dairy business companies in Hironomachi, Iwate Prefecture. Mizuho, therefore, will be supporting the agricultural, forestry, and fishing industries by supplying risk capital.

Mizuho is also actively promoting initiatives for renewable energy in the prefectures that are undergoing reconstruction. In March 2014, Mizuho supported the Chicken Manure Biomass Power Generation Project in Karumaicho, Iwate Prefecture, for the chicken farm companies that were severely affected by the disaster. This is also an epoch–making initiative because it uses chicken manure, which was formerly wasted, as a clean energy source, and supplies the incinerator ash for use as a raw material for fertilizer. This project contributes to the invigoration and promotion of local communities, and also to the wider use of renewable energy.

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