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Initiatives for Resolving Social Problems

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For a company to be in synch with society, it must conduct its business activities while considering the interests of varied stakeholders, use its business activities to help solve social issues, and promote the development of a sustainable society. Mizuho aims to work through its business activities to help address the issues related to Japan's falling birthrate and aging society, support the recovery from the disaster, support medical care field and agriculture, and solve other important issues confronting society.

Supporting the Recovery from the Disaster

We support efforts to bring relief for disaster victims through financial services as quickly as possible.

Initiatives Addressing Less Children and Aging Society

Mizuho is strengthening its efforts to provide financial services that help address diverse problems that Japanese society is facing as a result of declining birthrates and demographic aging.

Initiatives for Medical Care Field and Agriculture

Having positioned medical care and agriculture as growth fields, Mizuho is promoting efforts related to those fields.

Other Initiatives

Here we explain our initiatives to support leaders of the "New Public" and to provide loans to low– and middle–income earners.

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