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Initiatives for Medical Care Field and Agriculture

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Having positioned medical care and agriculture as growth fields, Mizuho is promoting efforts related to those fields.

Initiatives for Medical Care Field

Support for Medical Care Policy Planning

MHIR provides central and local government units with support for the creation of policies related to medical and nursing care. Having established a team that handles medical care policies implemented by government units responsible for social security policies, the institute is undertaking studies and analyses of situations required when considering systemic reforms, studies and research of overseas practices worth considering in connection with the creation of new systems, diverse kinds of studies and research designed to promote the medical care industry, and the leveraging of findings from such studies and research to provide support to local government units with respect to the creation of policies.

Providing Consulting Functions for Medical Care Institutions

Leveraging its abundant knowledge regarding the medical care field, Mizuho undertakes diverse consulting projects on behalf of medical care institutions. As MHBK has established a study team focused on the medical care field and MHRI employs specialized consultants qualified to meet customer needs, Mizuho is promoting concerted Group–wide efforts to promote the provision of medical care–related consulting services.

Efforts to Improve Employee Health and Optimize Medical Care Expenses

Leveraging the know–how it has accumulated in the course of such activities as those to create and operate medical care expense analysis systems and systems for medical care insurance providers, MHIR has developed its unique "healthage" software—which enables the analysis of medical care and health information to gain a clear understanding of such factors as those related to lifestyles, health conditions, and medical expenses as well as to make comparisons between occupational categories and regions—and it uses this software and other tools to provide consulting services, including preparation of "Data Health Plans" as provided for in the government's " Japan Revitalization Strategy," to medical care insurance providers. The institute has established a research group, including specialist experts, to undertake the development of data analysis methods designed to employ that software for the purposes of promoting better health and optimizing medical care expenses, and this research group is moving ahead with its activities.

"Mizuho Clinic Assist" Loans for Clinics

To meet the facility establishment– and facility operation–related funding needs of doctors in private practices or preparing to create such practices, MHBK offers favorable financing methods.

Initiatives for Agriculture

Helping Make Japan's Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries into a New Growth Industry

Mizuho views that restructuring agriculture, forestry, and fishing in Japan as a growth sector is the key to expanding domestic demand, creating jobs, and revitalizing regional communities. Drawing on its abundance of investment experience and customer base throughout Japan, Mizuho is supporting the transformation of Japan's agricultural, forestry, and fishing industries into growth sectors. Specific examples of activities under way to facilitate this transformation include collaborating with the Support Organization for Transformation of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing sectors; regional financial institution; and local governments as well as establishing sixth industry funds for the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors.

In addition, a sixth industry desk has been established in MHBK and are providing risk money, structuring business models, and a policy recommendation initiative that draws on Mizuho's industrial sector knowledge. These activities are contributing to the transformation of agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries into growth sectors and to the revitalization of regional economies.

Joint Sponsorship of the Japan Pavilion at the Milan World Exposition

More than 140 countries and regions participated in the Milan World Exposition, which had the theme of "Food for the Earth and Energy for Life" and was held from May 2015, The Japan Pavilion at the exposition exhibited multifaceted aspects of Japan's agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries, initiatives related to food, and many kinds of knowledge that are packed in Japan's cuisine and food culture. Mizuho was a joint sponsor of this event and, at the exposition, provided introductions to the activities of Japan's regional governments with the aim of providing support for disseminating additional information about Japan's food and agriculture and further expanding related business activities.


Establishment of Agri–support Desk to Support Efforts in the Agriculture Field

MHBK has established its "Agri–support Desk" unit, which works in collaboration with an NPO, Japan Professional–Agriculture total support Organization (J–PAO), to provide support for customers' efforts in the field of agriculture.

Specifically, customers involved in the agriculture field or considering participation in that field are supplied with information on trends related to agricultural associations and companies, case studies regarding other companies' initiatives to establish presences in the field, and other information selected in light of individual customers' needs. In addition, customers are provided diverse kinds of business solutions, including opportunities to build supply chains by means of business matching with J–PAO members.

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