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Initiatives Addressing Less Children and Aging Society

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Mizuho is strengthening its efforts to provide financial services that help address diverse problems that Japanese society is facing as a result of less children and demographic aging.

Mizuho Heartful Business

MHBK is developing the business of providing support for barrier–free and universal design initiatives as "Mizuho Heartful Business." Aiming to become a bank readily accessible to everyone, MHBK has been pursuing its "Heartful Project" for incorporating barrier–free and universal design principles in banking facilities since November 2005. To help spread these design principles throughout society, MHBK embarked on its "Mizuho Heartful Business" in fiscal 2010.

Corporate customers fitting any of the following three descriptions are deemed "Heartful Companies" which are eligible for "Mizuho Heartful Loan" and "Mizuho Heartful Private Placement" services. As of March 31, 2015, a cumulative total of 2,068 "Mizuho Heartful Loan" and "Mizuho Heartful Private Placement" transactions had been implemented with a total value of JPY 91,386 million.

To promote industrial development that facilitates the lives of the elderly and the disabled, we are supporting customers' efforts to develop businesses addressing the needs of the elderly by implementing business matching that helps build cooperative relationships between companies in different industries. Five negotiation type "Business Matching forums" with the theme of "Businesses Focused on the Elderly" were organized, and an individual business meeting is also conducted as needed. In addition, for individual customers, MHBK provide consulting service for customers' money plans for second life in affluent circumstances, "Reform Loan" to barrier–free their residence.

  • *Heartful Companies
    1. Companies that have introduced (or will introduce) facilities or equipment (barrier–free) aimed at improving working conditions or daily life for the elderly or disabled.
    2. Companies that actively employ the elderly or disabled.
    3. Companies that provide or develop products or services that improve the lives of the elderly or disabled.

In March 2013, Mizuho's "Heartful Project" and "Heartful Business" initiatives have been recognized for good practices in deposits, lending, and leasing under the Principles for Financial Action towards a Sustainable Society, (Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century), which is a voluntary initiative established by a committee of financial institutions. Mizuho's initiatives to promote a more barrier–free society for the elderly and persons with disabilities through efforts towards universal design and the creation of barrier free environments within Mizuho offices, as well as providing loans and services to companies that offer products, services, or employment to the elderly or disabled, have been well regarded by our peers in the financial industry.


Business Matching Forum

Initiatives for Promoting Diversity

To deal with a declining working population and globalization, tapping the abilities of a wide array of human resources and promoting diversity is indispensable for economic and social invigoration, and now a key management issue for companies.

On behalf of the Japanese government and other clients, MHIR is promoting diversity by undertaking studies and research on diverse work styles, including programs for facilitating the activities of women, elderly people, the disabled, and other groups.

Support for the Smooth, Secure Transfer of Wealth

MHTB uses trust functions to provide customers with peace of mind by supporting the smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Key services in this regard include.

  • Consent to Undertake the Execution of Wills Service: Services covering everything from consulting for will preparation to will execution.
  • Will Safe–Keeping Service: Safe, reliable will custody services.
  • Inheritance Arrangement Services: Representation in the performance of necessary procedures following will execution.
  • Asset Inheritance Trust: Custom planning for the future transfer wealth (monetary).
  • Educational Funding Donation Trusts: Careful management of educational funds to be donated to grandchildren, etc.
  • Marriage and Childrearing Support Trust ("Gift of Hope"): Administration of funds to be given to children and grandchildren for marrying and raising children.
  • Mizuho Calendar Year Gift Trust ("Thoughtful Gift") : Assisting customers through providing services to manage and invest funds for annual gifts to family members.
  • MHTB offers two types of trusts for the family, namely: "single lump–sum payment trusts" and "pension trusts." Single lump–sum payment trusts are used to set aside funds that will be necessary for families immediately after an inheritance event occurs. Pension trusts provide for periodic payments of life support funds to families following an inheritance.

MHTB conducts seminars on estates and wills to promote wider understanding of these topics.

Feature on an Aging society


Seminar on estates and wills

Efforts through Studies and Research

Leveraging its abundant knowledge regarding the impact of less children and demographic aging on society, MHIR is implementing diverse studies and research programs. In particular, besides undertaking such studies and research projects commissioned by government units as the "Promoting Health for the Elderly Project" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and the "Fire–Alarm Systems Suitable for the Elderly and Disabled Study Project" (Fire and Disaster Management Agency), the MHIR also publishes numerous articles and reports.

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Mizuho's Brand Strategy

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