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Human Resources Strategy

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Human Resources (HR) Vision

In order to realize the corporate philosophy within Mizuho's Corporate Identity of creating lasting value for our customers and the economies and communities of which we are a part, it is important for employees to be able to relate to and take action in line with Mizuho's Corporate Identity. To create such a corporate culture, Mizuho is implementing human resources initiatives in line with its HR Vision.

HR Vision

Mizuho Financial Group firmly believes that the personal development of individual employees contributes to the stable and sustainable growth of Mizuho as a whole.

Mizuho recognizes those employees who make an effort to put the Mizuho Values into practice and helps employees to create a more fulfilling life through their work.

  • Mizuho encourages employees to utilize their strengths, and provides opportunities for them to use their skills and to develop their abilities.
  • Mizuho encourages employees who differ in terms of gender, country of origin, cultural background, and values to understand, respect, and inspire each other.
  • Mizuho works with its employees to create a corporate culture that encourages people to be passionate about and to take pride in their work.

Developing Employees to Better Equip them to Support Business Strategies

Cross–Company Personnel Transfers

In addition to personnel transfers across MHBK, MHTB, MHSC, and other group companies, we also are proactively using programs for training and seconding personnel and transferring personnel hired outside of Japan ("National Staff,"hereinafter NS) to the Head Office as a means of fostering employee development on a group-wide and global scale. By enabling employees to obtain work experience in each group company, we are broadening individual employees' range of experience and perspective while also increasing the depth of mutual understanding among employees in various group companies in a manner that promotes the strengthening of group integration and coordination.

Number of Cross–company Personnel Transfers between MHBK, MHTB and MHSC
555employees(fiscal 2014)
Number of MHBK, MHTB and MHSC Employees with Experience at Multiple Group Companies
2,5535employees(as of March 31, 2015)

Group–wide Training Programs

In addition to the training programs of each group company designed to enable employees to equip themselves with specialized expertise and business skills in accordance with the strategies of each group unit, our "Mizuho University" framework encompasses training programs focused on MBA curriculum topics, programs to dispatch employees to study at graduate schools and other educational institutions in Japan and around the world, and programs inviting applications for overseas study opportunities as well as group–wide programs that enable NS and Japanese staff to train together at the Head Office. To foster a sense of unity among all the group companies and to create the foundations of close collaboration between those companies, the Group's banking, trust banking, and securities arms cooperat ively implement such career–stage–specific training programs as "joint training for newly hired personnel," "managerial training," and "management-level training courses."

Fostering the Development of Globally–minded Employees

In step with the expansion of our business outside of Japan, we have proactively transferred Japanese staff to overseas posts and training assignments in line with our emphasis on fostering the development of employees who can dynamically benefit our businesses in a global manner.

We are also proactively hiring NS and, to enable NS to realize diverse career paths and fully make use of their potential for contributing to Mizuho’s business, we are moving ahead with such measures as those to transfer NS to other countries, appoint NS to high–level positions, and offer NS an augmented range of training opportunities. The Global Career Management Division, which is responsible for NS–related personnel management, has become the first Head Office division in Japan headed by a non–Japanese general manager.

Change in the Number of NS

Human Resource Management that Encourages Employees to Be Passionate about and Take Pride in Their Work

Putting the Mizuho Values into Practice

We believe that realizing Mizuho's Corporate Identity will require fostering the development of a corporate culture in which each employee takes self–directed action in line with the "Mizuho Values."

The Mizuho Values provide an important reference point regarding employee evaluation, and we are creating systems that facilitate employees' efforts to effectively implement the Mizuho Values during the course of their daily work.

Furthermore, we are measuring the degree of individual employees' efforts to effectively implement the Mizuho Values through the means of "360–degree evaluations," which is a system where an employee is evaluated by colleagues, including direct reports. The 360–degree evaluations not only improve the transparency and acceptance of employee evaluations, but also encourage employees to be proactive in changing their behavior.

Support for Career Development

Mizuho provides diverse kinds of support to enable employees to think about, plan, and develop their own careers going forward. These support methods—such as the "Career Sheet" system, which enables employees to share information about their work experience, area of specialty, and hoped–for assignments with their managers; a career interview system that provides consultations with specialist advisors; the "Job Application System," which enables employees to directly submit applications for new posts; and the "Global Opportunity Program," which offers young NS opportunities to work in Head Office positions—are all designed to help employees pursue the career development paths of their own choice and thereby encourage employees to be passionate about and take pride in their work.

Employee Opinion Survey Results
  Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2014
Job satisfaction 3.7 3.7
Pride in being a Mizuho employee 3.7 3.7
  • *Figures represent group–wide averages of responses on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high).

Each group company annually confirms the nature of employee opinions by implementing an employee opinion survey, including questions regarding the level of respondents' "Job satisfaction" and "Pride in being a Mizuho employee."

Promoting Diversity

Mizuho is working to create work environments in which employees of different nationality, race, gender, and values can consistently maintain mutual respect for each other while taking full advantage of opportunities to make the most of their individual and collective abilities.

In accordance with our "Four Rs" basic policy on promoting the career development of female employees, we are supporting female employees’ careers by enhancing our systems for helping women realize an optimal balance between work and raising a child or assisting family members who require special care, organizing training courses and seminars designed to support female employees' career development, and proactively promoting female employees to management posts. In these and other ways, we are encouraging female employees to be highly motivated and ambitiously seek to fully realize their potential.

Percentage of Female Management–level Employees
  • *March 2012 figure for the Securities division is the sum of the pre–merger MHSC and the pre–merger Mizuho Investor Securities.

We are striving to deepen employees' understanding of diversity and spur changes of perspectives and behavior through initiatives such as regular articles in the group communication magazine and organizing managerial training. At the same time, we are working to establish flexible work systems and tools that support the diverse work styles of employees with a wide variety of personal backgrounds.

The "Four Rs": Basic Policy for Empowering Women in the Workplace

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