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Value Creation Process

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Mizuho's Corporate Philosophy, which is contained in its Corporate Identity statement, includes “bringing fruitfulness for each customer and the economies and the societies in which we operate. Mizuho creates lasting value. It is what makes us invaluable.”

To implement this Corporate Philosophy, Mizuho, drawing on its strengths and taking account of changes in the business environment in Japan and overseas, is structuring a new business model, a “financial services consulting group” by taking the “One MIZUHO Strategy” to the next stage. Specifically, based on the foundations of the “customer first” principle (customer–focused perspective) and “operational excellence” and through its sophisticated risk–taking capability and financial intermediary functions, Mizuho is fundamentally committed to maintaining close relationships with its customers and to building the future of economies and societies as the most trusted financial partner in providing solutions for its customers and communities.

Seeking to establish competitive advantage and to increase its corporate value by securing sustainable and stable profits, Mizuho will fulfill even greater social missions than ever before.

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