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Internal Audit Structure

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Basic Approach

Internal audits are designed as an integrated process, independent from other business operations, for evaluating the extent to which internal control achieves its objectives in key areas, including appropriate risk management, efficient and effective business operations, reliable financial reporting and compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules. We conduct internal audits from an objective and comprehensive standpoint, independent of operational reporting lines, and offer advice and remedial recommendations in connection with any problems that may be identified. Through this process, internal audits assist the boards of directors of each of our group companies to fulfill their managerial duties efficiently and effectively.

In line with the Basic Policy for Internal Audit established by MHFG, our core group companies conduct internal audits, which include the auditing of their respective subsidiaries. In addition, with respect to the management of risks applicable across the group, we coordinate internal audits throughout the group to assess the risk management status of the group as a whole.

Internal Audit Management Structure


Our internal audit committee determines all important matters concerning internal audits. The committee is chaired by the President & CEO and is independent of our other business operations.

Our internal audit committee monitors and manages internal audits at our core group companies through internal audit reports submitted by such subsidiaries. Our internal audit committee discusses and makes decisions regarding internal audits at our core group companies and submits the results, together with the results of their examination of the internal audit reports, to our board of directors.


MHBK and MHTB have also established internal audit committees that are independent of their other business operations.

The two banks have established internal audit divisions and credit review divisions (Credit Assessment and Auditing Office at MHTB) to conduct internal audits at their respective domestic and overseas business offices, head office divisions and group companies. Specifically, the internal audit divisions assess the suitability and effectiveness of business activities associated with compliance and risk management. The credit review divisions (Credit Assessment and Auditing Office at MHTB) audit credit ratings and the status of credit management in addition to auditing the self–assessment of assets to verify the accuracy and suitability of matters deemed necessary to assure the soundness of assets.

Other Core Group Companies

Other core group companies have also established effective and efficient internal audit structures adapted to the characteristics of their respective businesses.

Internal Audit Management Structure
Image: Internal Audit Management Structure

(As of Jun 24, 2014)

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